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  1. Piper-T

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    Jun 12, 2008
    Hey everyone im interested in the krag rifles, and i just wanted to know some more inside stuff that might give me and advantage when i go to buy one. Please let me know eveything you have about them, info on sporerized to full military style. i want to know the worth of them or ball park range of a nice one and if there are certain quirks to watch for in buying them as ill probably be picking one up at a gun show. Thank You
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    Mar 22, 2008
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    Sporterized are a dime a dozen. I would not pay more than $100 to $200 for one.
    I have seen some try to get a lot more for a bubba but dont buy it high.

    Original are mainly long rifles. There are some carbines as well.

    Long rifles are almost always refinished. Both metal and wood. Make sure your not buying one with a cut off stock. From $800 for a good one to $1500 for a really good one. And up for original excellent of course.

    Carbines are pretty rare. You will find some bubba long rifles being sold for carbines. Simply because they can get more money for them.
    Original carbines go for around $1000 and up. Some may be somewhat cheeper depending on where you live. But if its a lot cheeper its probably a fake.

    Dont bother buying a bubba and try to make it original. You cannot find original uncut stocks anywhere. You, if you are lucky, may find a repo stock. But you still will pay a lot for it and you only have a fake rifle in the end.

    About a 4 on one to five scale to shoot. The trapdoor is kind of cool.
    There is a secret on how to get the bolt off. Just ask me if you dont know.
  3. Piper-T

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    Jun 12, 2008
    Hey thanks Capt', and yes I dont know how to get the bolt out, what inspired me to get one of these rifles is my buddies got one and I tried to get the bolt out and he didnt know how either so I didnt bother. I just handled the gun I didnt shoot it or anything, ut how good are they for hunting?
  4. bobvonb

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    Piper, may I suggest you take a look at the remington.com web site, click on ballistics and compare several cartridges to get a feel for what each one can do. do a google search on '30-40 krag for hunting'.

    Also use wikipedia, search for 'rifle cartridges' and then follow the links to any cartridge you want to research. Lots of great info there including cartridge histories and specifications.
    just put 'wiki 30-40 krag' in the URL line and you should get links directly into wikipedia for the Krag.

    Another great place for info is surplusrifle.com. find US Krag on the list on the left and click on the link. Everything you want to know about assembly, disassembly, bolt removal etc. is there.

    that said, the 30-40 Krag is slightly more powerful than a 30-30, but it is less powerful than a .308, both of which are common 30 caliber deer hunting cartridges. So yes, the cartridge is suitable for deer hunting, but you have to consider the gun too. What shape is the bore in? Any stock damage? What will it take to mount a scope? (if you want one). Do you want to modify a valuable original Krag and destroy its value? Maybe if you find a sporterized Krag it might be ok for hunting deer sized game but have it checked out by a gunsmith first and don't expect it to be a good investment. Lots to consider.
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