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New York
disabled, worked as delivery driver last 1 1/2 yrs


G&G Evangelist, Male, from New York

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    1. ndtpaul
      New user but I hope I get this right. I have a winchester 490 and want to disassemble it but have no manual. Suppliers in USA will not ship to Canada. Could I get a copy of yours? It would really help.My email is [email protected] Thank you so much. my problem is jamming.
    2. jerry
      Wishing you a great holiday season
    3. LeftHandShooter
      Did you say something? I didn't hear you....

    4. marten
      thanks .22hustler, God make fme ather soon a hustler again
    5. knightRider
    6. WinFan
      Pardon for barging in. I have a 290 with a plastic sight over the barrel collar. It is dirty as all get out and I think part of the problem is with the collar nut. How do I remove the rear sight as it will not remove "sideways". It has a windage adjustment and an elevation adjustment - all of which are plastic.

      Many thanks in advance.
    7. SmallGame2100
      0213092035.jpg picture by RandomDorkk - Photobucket
      0213092036.jpg picture by RandomDorkk - Photobucket

      1st picture-rossi 20 gauge [single shot]
      2nd picture-maverick 88 12 gauge =]
    8. nhburns
      Hey, I'm new to this form and I saw a picture of your springfield 53b. I just aquired one on a trade for a boat motor. The gun seems to be in good mechanical shape. However, its mising the rear sight( only the two parts that the spring steel holds down). There is also somthing I'm not quite getting on the trigger mechanism. I'm missing the spring that holds the tang of the trigger up against the bolt and there must be some kind of stop to keep the trigger from entering to far into the bolt as you slide it back. I'm guessing this stop also holds the spring on the trigger in place when the bolt is removed. Any ways, I'm wondering if you could send me some pictures of your trigger and mechanism. If you could send the pictures to [email protected] I'm not sure I know how to use this forum and to look in the right place for your reply. Thanks!
    9. littlejoe872
      My Eddystone was rebarelled with a JA barrel some time in its life. I alse noticed 1 spot on the receiver on the left side that is discolored. I'll have to post a pic of it, it's hard to explain in words, and I wonder if anyone has seen anything else like it. They are great rifles.
    10. SS69FBODY
      hi, just got your message. i hve a 1969 camaro ss built 355 world products custom heads, comp extreme cam, headers, msd ignition, with worked turbo 350. glacier blue ground up resto. the resto is still in progress. hopefully i will have it finished soon.
    11. bigbadf250sd
      Glad you got it.

    12. Dismas 3073
      Dismas 3073
      Hello from a fellow New Yorker! I reside right off the Long Island Sound and I've a great view of the Throggs Neck Bridge!
    13. .22hustler
      Thanks for the kind words.. I'm glad everyone is doing well..God Bless...Loren
    14. larmus
      .22hustler, please dont ever worry about being late, thank you for the concern. we are home and my wife is doing good.
    15. Dookiebutt
      Where in NY do you live?
    16. Big Bob
      Big Bob
      I have a Remington Nylon Model 66 chrome 22 long rifle forsale. I live in Maine and it is in very nice shape. I bourght it brand new from a collector in the early 1980's Big Bob
    17. .22hustler
      Didn't notice your messgae before today.. I'm still fairly new at wondering around at the site. I hear what you're saying..
    18. CrazyIvan
      Hey Man...Don't you love the Brady Campaign going on here at G&G? "We don't like political discussion, so get rid of it!" Isn't that what the Brady Campaign says about guns?
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    New York
    disabled, worked as delivery driver last 1 1/2 yrs
    58, three kids, three dogs, of course, married

    restoring and collecting antique toy trains, my family.