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    1. ACfixer
      Hi Paul. Flying has been good, been dumping some money into the ol' Piper but that's to be expected I suppose. Send me a link to the HI-Power!
    2. Paul T
      Paul T
      Hey Lance, hows flying these days? It has been a while and I was thinking about you the last time I went to a show in tulsa. the weekend after the surgery. I should of used my brain to make my purchase and not my stupidity. But, it all worked out in the end. Did you see the pics of my newly rebuilt Hi-Power?
      Take care and fly safely.
    3. captsquirrel
      I'm glad to hear no one was injured. When I saw the location of the accident I thought of you. I know what it's like to have an airplane I've flown get damaged. It kind of hurts inside. No one was hurt physically so that is a good thing.
      On a side note I just recently got a second job so I will be getting back in the air in the next couple of months. Maybe I can make a flight to APV sometime and we can get together for lunch. I'll have to figure out how much the rental cost will be. LOL
      Take care and fly safe.
    4. captsquirrel
    5. Paul T
      Paul T
      Well well whats up? I have seabee going to build a rifle for me as soon as the finances come in. Im thinking on an AR either in .260 rem or .308 or maybe a good bolt gun that could be a tack driver. You ought to fly out here for his okie BBQ and shoot. will be the best 3 days around. Sure he would love to have yall.
      Well Hope your holidays went well and have a fine new year. Paul
    6. ACfixer
      Hey Paul how are you? I only stop in about once a week to read the posts, good to hear from you!
    7. Paul T
      Paul T
      Hey Lance hows it goin? Havent talked to you in a while just thought Id say hi.
    8. Paul T
      Paul T
      Havent herd from you in a while Just stopped by to say hi.
    9. Paul T
      Paul T
      Hows the cross country planning going?
    10. Paul T
      Paul T
      I couldnt really say butits advertised in SGN all the time and you could look it up in the web. Its really a huge event.I had a rem 22-250 mod 700 and with the 50 grn Hornady I couldnt believe how it shot 3 in a dime @ 100 yds then I went to a Sav 110 fp in 25-06 whata blast.
    11. Paul T
      Paul T
      You should check out the Tulsa Wannamaker show we hold it twice a year maby
      three times but they have all kinds of neat gadgets and gizmos for you black gun types
    12. Paul T
      Paul T
      Are you still pushing that piper around?
    13. knightRider
    14. Paul T
      Paul T
      Yea no harm no foul. Just been going nuts with this economy and no freight.
      But I still have my head in the clouds and still trying to get that
      SLA license but the funds always elude me and the wolves keep at the door
      for their cut. Two things I need to do this year is pick up a book on the
      principals of flight and pick up the Dobro flattop. I love Bluegrass and Gospel
      music. Well keep in touch and keep busy.
    15. Paul T
      Paul T
      Hows it been going? Hope you are well and doing plenty of business out there.
      Havent herd from you in a while and hope all is well with you and yours.
      As Jim Scouten says "Keep them in the ten ring"
    16. Paul T
      Paul T
      Lanced, Was out your way abrt two weeks ago but didnt have much internet access through the phone
      Was mholed up at the Pilot t/s there in town for two days and left that Saturday to head up to Salt Lake.
      Man it was windy,almost like my daughter, cant shut her up. How ever if you want to BS sometime I hope you still have my no. Any way
      hope you have a good week.
    17. Shaun
    18. Shaun
      sign onto the pilots thread
    19. turner
      I've ordered from Wisconsin Cartridge twice now and they have been exceptionally responsive, polite and helpful both times. I believe both my orders were shipeed within 24hrs which is excellent service from ammo companies. It is all new ammo, loaded by them and shipped in quality packaging. I doubt you'd be disappointed. Best of Luck, Ed
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