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Feb 7, 2014
Nov 21, 2007
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Little town in ARKANSAW!
Shooting Ammo

andrew cochran

G&G Newbie, from Little town in ARKANSAW!

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Feb 7, 2014
    1. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      So where the heck ya been..LOLrotfl..Man I figured you would bacjk in the saddle by now.
      That's ok buddy we still like ya......
    2. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Good hearing from you Andrew.
      What have you been doing?.........

      I miss ya a little ya know..LOLrotfl...
      especially AH also,things just aint the same....

      Everyone is fine, I am a grandpap
      now and babysit sometimes.
      My son lives about 67 miles from me and just built a new house....

      Other than that I still hunt the birds
      and stay outta trouble the best I can...

      Talk to ya soon Ole buddy..
    3. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      You bet I missed you skally Wag...LOL.

      I am tickled that ya are still up to something and the fishing gets you off the hook fer being

      My Mom passed last month. But now she is in heaven with pap so that is a good thing.Everyone here is fine as wine but we get older every day,Imagine that...LOL...

      You take care and I want ta say I missed your behind, but knew I would hear from you again
      and I am quite happy you are kickin....

      Take Care brother and talk to ya soon!...

      Still Your Buddy Earl.........
    4. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Hey Jack where you at.....

      Just miss ya is all and was wondering how you are doing...
      Drop me a line so I can sleep better.

      Your Buddy Earl
    5. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Hey poop pants Merry Christmas even if ya don't stop in no more....

      ^ I SEEN YA BEEN IN 11-10-2012.

      Still your Buddy .......Earl
    6. oldranger53
      Eh, hello? I want to join a social group called Revolver Talk - yet the help file instructs to click on the name of the group? Ok. That action does nothing to allow membership in the Revolver Talk Social group. What's going on?
    7. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Hello any one home..Your dang green light broke er what.....LOL
    8. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      You still livin er what....Ya got me wonderin about ya now..It's almost a whole flippin year.......LOL..

      Get yournself back on
      here NOW!.....................rotflmao
    9. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      It's been a while since I stopped in to say my hello...LOL..
      Hope your back soon Andrew
    10. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      You better get yournself back here buddy we is startin ta wonder now....

      Rumors are gone round that you hit the mother load in gold...aint ya
      Your Buddy Earl
    11. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Hey Chili Head...LOL..where you is?..
      My word the snow will be flying soon and i aint seen ya all summer......

      Well i miss ya a little ya turd bucket..LOL.
      Your Buddy Anyways Earl
    12. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Hello any one home...LOL...
    13. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      You bean head..What ya thinking...LOL i didn't ferget ya..Where you is Andy?......
    14. Stierstorfer
      Hey there, I was trying to join your mauser group. Just noticed you'd been off the radar for a bit. Hope to hear from ya soon.
    15. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Hello.......Any one home?....
    16. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      You coming back, er what...Gees i may as well join the women's bingo club......LOL...rotflmao.......

      Ya know they win cash prizes there......
    17. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Ah you figured i forgot ya..Well i did

      Hope all is well Andrew. i still send some prayers upstairs for you and i hope they are working...

      Ok hand over some of that there gold, iam here eatin crackers and water and could use a steak or maybe some peanut butter is all..

      Always your buddy Earl
    18. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Andrew you musta found some Gold er sompin like that there....Holy Cow you best let me in on some of that cause iam gittin real low on cash and been eatin peanut butter crackers and creek water......I even got the chits from that water i suppose and only weigh 60 lbs. soakin wet.....rotflmao....

      Get me a come back letter, it don't havta be long just a hello is good...LOL..Your Buddy Earl
    19. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      You best go answer your door bell there buddy, i hear you in there
      watchin the boobtube...LOL.......rotflmao...

      Hope every thing is ok just stopped in to check is all..
      Your Buddy Earl
    20. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Holly Mollie where you is...LOL..
      Just stopped on in and figure you are down the other house....
      Have a good one and i'll talk to ya later....
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    Little town in ARKANSAW!
    Shooting Ammo
    An Arkansaw Hillbilly

    Shooting, Hunting, I like to be outside and hate TV.


    I'm moving to Alaska!