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May 18, 2011
Mar 10, 2007
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Jun 3, 1954 (Age: 66)
Buck Snort, Arkansas.
Be'in me


G&G Newbie, 66, from Buck Snort, Arkansas.

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May 18, 2011
    1. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Hey Mike can ya ask to turn up the heat just a little bit.
      It's May 17th and it is gonna be 36˚ Sunday mornin..
      No complaints now, just ask as a mention type of deal...LOLrotfl....

      Miss ya Mikey!..Your Buddy Earl
    2. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Mike Happy Easter Buddy.
      Make sure to tell the ones in charge up there that some us still pray and
      know the real reason of Easter. We aren't that interested in the Chocolate Bunnies
      or the jellybeans....but ya know I still like a good jelly bean once in while...rotfl........

      God Bless you all up above, we miss ya sompin silly.......
      Your Buddy Earl....
    3. 338RUM

      Lost another good man, "Felix" from Castboolits cancer took him. He was a lot like you and helped and gave answers to anyone who asked. If you see him show him your 375 Winchester, he will have you casting and shooting lead bullets in an hour!

      1. Earl Easter likes this.
    4. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Hey Mikey hope your enjoying all your new friends up there.
      I was just looking at the right there and ya have no likes or trophy point so I set up a few for ya..

      Likes Received.......................20,562
      Trophy Points.........................20,562

      There ya go buddy that aught ta keep ya for a spell,iffin ya need a few more
      just ask but don't over due it now...LOLrotfl.....

      Your Buddy Earl
      1. jerry and Paper like this.
    5. 338RUM
      The best always go first, I miss you friend.
      1. Earl Easter and jerry like this.
    6. jerry
      Well my friend. I hope your getting the new format figured out up there in heaven. We miss you.
      1. BudW, Earl Easter and Paper like this.
    7. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Just wanted to stop by and give you a hello!
      Still cold down here buddy I guess you is
      laughing and didn't help to change the weather.
      Good Lord Mike, will ya help get this place back ta normal soon I'am cooooooold..LOL

      God Bless ya Buddy I miss ya sompin terrible!
      Your Buddy Earl
      1. jerry likes this.
    8. wharf
      Hi old friend,i didnt get to say see you later bro so i am doing it here now.When earl told me you went west i lost a mate.Always loved your honesty and will never forget your sense of humour.I will see you some day in the big hunting hut in the after life bro.

      1. Paper and jerry like this.
    9. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Hey Mikey tell the big fella up there in heaven
      he can turn off the refrigerator now....
      -13 this mornin..
      Miss ya Mike.

      Your Buddy Earl
    10. Dookiebutt
      Just stopped to say "hi".
      1. jerry likes this.
    11. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Happy New Year soon to come Mikey, 2014 is about here....
      I sure mis ya...
      Your Buddy Earl
    12. 99dragon99
      Hey AH! We're all missing you here!
    13. Magnumsrule
      Hey Mike,
      Just saying Hi after three years!
      Hope your doing well
    14. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Mikey hope you been able to hear a few of my prayers. Been busy doin noffin but helping others for free..LOLrotfl....Just like us right,it never ends.

      God Bless Ya Buddy,
      Your Buddy Earl
    15. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Hey Mike say a hello to my mom and dad and also brother bobs mom who is with ya upstairs.

      I've been sick as a dog for the last few days
      but not sick enough to give ya a hello..

      I miss ya Mikey........ take care!....
    16. Brother Bob
      Brother Bob
      Mike, I don't know how good those Arkansas Razorbacks are gonna be this year. I hope they do well. Been busy brush-hogging the acreage. We've had a lot of rain this year and I can barely keep up. Take care, Mikey. Tell my dad I love and miss him every day.
    17. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Hey Mike..
      Just thinking about you and had to stop on in.
      Hope all is well upstairs, keep up your good work cause I know the boss likes ya....

      Miss ya Mikey..
      Your Buddy............ Earl
    18. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Thanks Mike... he stopped in last week but then diskapeared again...LOLrotfl....

      You better have another talk with him, only this time give him a little scare...LOL What the heck he shows up for a one liner and then gone like a stinker in the breeze....
      Miss ya Mike....

      Your Buddy Earl
    19. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Hey Mikey ya remember Andrew Cockran help him find his way back to the site he aint been around for a spell and I was wondering just maybe he is up there with you fellas causein trouble.....

      Miss ya Buddy.....
    20. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Mike just stopped in to say hello...
      I know your busy up there but we could use a little attention once in a while..What ya do, forget us you stinker....LOL..

      Hey Mike take your time, but not too long...

      God Bless Ya Brother...
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    Jun 3, 1954 (Age: 66)
    Buck Snort, Arkansas.
    Be'in me
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    God, Jesus,Guns, Hunting, Useing my hand and power tool's, Rideing my Honda Foreman and my family.