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May 18, 2011
Mar 10, 2007
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Jun 3, 1954 (Age: 66)
Buck Snort, Arkansas.
Be'in me


G&G Newbie, 66, from Buck Snort, Arkansas.

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May 18, 2011
    1. Dookiebutt
      Today is a day I would have loved to talk to you. We miss you Mike.
    2. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Hey Mike....just stopped in to say a hello is all.

      Hope your upstairs being real good.LOL... I am takin your picture with me to the gun drawing this Saturday so I hope you might visit me and give me some luck wining a gun..if not that's ok...I was probolly bad a day er two this month.....rotflmao...
      Miss ya Mike........................................Earl
    3. Chapman87
      you are missed =/
    4. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Hey Buddy ya know i just had ta stop in again and say my hello here....

      You don't need ta worry about your sherron and Brian i still pray for them every single night since ya been gone and your wife done sent me a picture of what ya look like....

      You stinker...LOL...rotflmao, i hang it on my private wall in a wooden case and see ya now every day..You gittin my messages up there Mikey?....Well i am taking your picture with me on a gun raffle February 26th cause i think you will like that.

      Now Mike..... Lord knows I don't need any more guns but iffin you have any pull maybe a slight hand of yours will get me another...LOL..
      Be good upstairs and please say a hello for me to all Mike....
      Your Buddy Earl
    5. CrazyIvan
      We miss you a lot buddy! I'm happy you are enjoying yourself up there and don't have to worry about all the BS here on earth anymore.
    6. SightNSqueeze
      “God be with you” is more of a statement than a request, because I know you dwell in Heaven and sit at the Lord's Table now. You always wore your faith on your sleeve and never wavered from your commitment to God and His Word. I was absent from the forum for about a year, returning only recently and intermittently, so I did not know you moved on. Merry Christmas AH (Mike). Now, I'll know your real name when we meet again. I pray too for your family and friends. May God comfort them and forever be close to their hearts with His will and presence.
    7. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Happy New Years you ole goat stomper...
      Miss ya Mike, God bless your pee pickin heart.

      Your Buddy Earl.........
    8. Alan Duke
      Alan Duke
      Merry Christmas Mike. We sure are missing you at this time.
    9. Dookiebutt
      Merry Christmas Mike.
    10. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Mike i don't know iffin i'll get in here to say Merry Christmas er not around the holidays so i dropped on in for that reason..

      Mikey now remember your up there closer than us and don't fergit ta say a happy birthday to Jesus......

      Your Buddy Earlando...LOL...
    11. CalifgirlinOk
      I miss you.........
    12. jerry
      Wishing you a great holiday season in heaven. Do us all a favor and say hey to Jesus.
    13. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Holy Baptist Cupcakes Mike,you gots a lots of messages here feller.....
      I just stopped on by ta say a hello is all just in case you don't git my other messages i send up to ya at night...

      You best behave yournself up stairs, er i aint gonna send no more sausage and gravy rolls...

      God Bless your peapickin Heart Mikey...

      Your ole buddy Earl....
    14. 9mmfan
      Mike, I just recently found out about your passing. You were a great man of faith and you will be missed beyond words. It will never be the same on here without you, feller.
    15. CalifgirlinOk
      I miss you buddy and it's not ever going be the same here without you......
    16. Dookiebutt
      The last few weeks have been rough, Mike. I sure could use one of our "chats" right now.
    17. onthefly
      Mike after reading down I hope you are flyfishing with my best friend my father Bob in Wyoming forever. He was pretty good. sorry for the note to his family an friends. Tim
    18. onthefly
      Mike I am a moron when it comes to the computer I am the guy with the old holsters you hehped me with, i have been clolecitin fo years. Woke up one moring an said what the heck ,why do I have all this ? Looking to sell it all. 2 browing hump bscks 1953 12 g. 1958 16 .zibra skin , elapant foot, 1953 farm all tractor 1902 sears horse drawn wagom an about 100 other cool stuff fill free to email me @ [email protected] I live in houston I may be have another 15 guns thanks for your help on the holsters. P.S. been in the moving busiess an quarter horse business for over 30 years you can find some cool stuff thanks Tim. I do have a Parker bros. shotgun 1883 16g.
    19. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      You able ta read this ya big lug..rotfl

      You gittin any of those messages i send up every night?....I'll keep sendin them till i join ya then maybe we can go ta popeye's fer a sausage and gravy dinner...Your payin...

      Miss Ya Mike..Your Buddy Earl
    20. iflylow74
      AH, i just recently found out about your passing. You were always very kind and helpful to me. If I haven't been on here for a while, I could always expect to have a message from you asking if everything was o.k. In fact, when I logged on for the first time in a long while the other day, there was your message there waiting for me. God bless cuz and we will miss you.
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    Jun 3, 1954 (Age: 66)
    Buck Snort, Arkansas.
    Be'in me
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    God, Jesus,Guns, Hunting, Useing my hand and power tool's, Rideing my Honda Foreman and my family.