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    1. MilkMan
      Barry, thanx for playing host to the pagent. Call me an idiot but, how do I like a thread. I just can't figure it out! Thanx!
      Edit: let's forget that I asked that:-)
      Figured out how the likes work.
    2. frenchy
      Love "THE HOG" Barry!! the link you posted was great, really liked the color coded pic!!! Have ah draw knife and use it often, never thot how very useful a survival tool it would be...great job Buddy, tried to "Reply" on your thread but got ah weird screen,
    3. larmus
      hey brother, hope things are doing well. hey i got an idea i want to bounce off you its a little pocket knife/tool thingy. im making design plans and wanted to ship you a copy when im done with them to see what ya think, so if ya wanna see em, pm me your po and ill ship a copy to ya, if ya want. your G&G brother, lawrence
    4. lunchbox99
      Good luck with your knife idea. It's hard to get payed for hand made stuff. I do leather work. I have tried selling wallets I have made for 70 bucks people look at me like I'm crazy. I spend 15 dollars on material and 7-10 hours making them.
      Glad to hear you are doing good. Just havn't seen ya on the G&G. Was hoping nothing had happened to you.
      Barry where you been?
    7. LeftHandShooter
      My brother played the tuba. Me - French Horn. I have a book "Songs of Johnny Cash" that is like a short bio and them musical scores of some of his songs.
    8. LeftHandShooter
      Wondering if you played the guitar?
    9. jerry
      Like your avatar bud
    10. mustache79
      I just wanted to thank you for trying to help me find a way to take care of the finish on my Jericho pistol. I appreciate all the advice. Even though I couldn't get the finish cleaned up I learned some stuff from your replies. I've got a big ol' tube of marine grease for my guns now. Thanks again.
    11. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Your Post a few days ago….."He's Right"

      Barry ya know, I did not mean in this post to have every one stop and to never make a comment again by my writing….
      It has been bothering me for a few days and I figured I would stop in and tell you that..
      I loved your post and wish more would have commented…..I guess i need to be a little more selective with wording..LOL

      Best regards Earl
    12. big shrek
      big shrek
      Just realized you were in Florence, AL...I lived there for a couple years. 4th-5th grade... ;)
      Some old elementary school that closed down in the late 70's...forget the name. The place was antique, had a basement library.
      I lived across the street from a Mormon Church...huge parking lot that we used to ride our bikes on.
      There was a kid named Kelly that was my next-door neighbor...his dad had a Ford LTD II & a Galaxie 500...good memories :)
    13. Jkeller637
      Hey i read your post about your undercover.38 special. I have an identical gun. I was wondering what kind of ammo i can use. Will +p work or should i go with lighter standard rounds? Any help would be appreciated!
    14. jerry
      Wishing you a great holiday season
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