Jul 19, 2006
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a secret lab on the shores of lake titicaca
    1. bigbuddy21
      Hey billy, it's been a long time since I was on here. How are you doing?
      Any new toys lately? I just picked up a Taurus judge today, haven't had time to go to the range yet but will post report on it later.
    2. Mike Brantley
      Mike Brantley
      G&G Evangelist (and other interested parties) I won a .22 carbine barrel on Gunbrokers. Chambering is unknown. I'm hoping it is 22 Spitfire. If not, then unchambered. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. I'm searching for dies now. I plan to install it on an Underwood action someone banged the serial numbers into and messed up the otherwise nice rifle. Brantman
      1. billy
        Do a chamber cast ad take careful measurements.
        That will tell you in minutes what it is
        Nov 21, 2017
    3. FortyXDM
      How is everything going in the secret Lab ?
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      2. billy
        Doing great.
        Working on a switch bbl savage bolt action long range pistol
        May 15, 2017
      3. billy
      4. FortyXDM
        Great video. I had a .243 Sako in the early/mid seventies (before I started reloading) and it was a sub minute with either win or Rem ammo. This from bags at 100 yds. Love the round. Your project would be terrific for those wanting a deer with a pistole. Recoil didn't seem to be strong at all.
        May 16, 2017
    4. Wicked109
      Billy, I've got to admit, that photo of you sitting in your War Wagon looks very cool. I suspect you will have to get another pistol - they didn't have black 1911s back in those days.
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      2. billy
        It's actually parkerized grey.
        7 shot mags
        First pistol i ever bought.
        Dec 29, 2016
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    5. gemihur
      Bily, How's your contender development coming along.
      When last I hit you up, You had designed that multi-barrel applicable forearm.
      And I've seen your posts of long range shootin'. Wow!!!
      check ya' later,
      miss the freaky redhead avatar,tho. Dig the Bear-dog
      Jimmy in VA
      (gemihur on this site)
      1. billy
        Since i need a absolutely stable bench to shoot for tiny groups and mine is so heavy.
        I have not taken it out in a while.
        Been playing with revolvers again
        Dec 6, 2016
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    6. Cyrano
      billy, if you are serious about wanting to redesign the Rat Rod into something like one of the the early Indianapolis/Grand Prix racers, I suggest you get yourself a copy of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and watch the first five or ten minutes of the film. It shows a number of circa 1908 racing cars that might give you some ideas, based on the photos you've put up on the Forum.
    7. billy
    8. my1871colt45
      The mechanic
    9. my1871colt45
      LOL ......
      Ya know what the Amish call a man with his arm halfway up a horses rear???
    10. toolman
      That was a baaaad joke ole buddy! :D
    11. TXplt
      ROFLMAO--thank you for that billy !
    12. oldjarhead
      Yeah...he is a little on the obnoxious side.
    13. blaster
      I like it! thanks, I'm still laughing
    14. billy
    15. blaster
      Hi Billy. i want to see something interesting.(coexist)
    16. Jay
      glad you got 'em, and glad you can use 'em
    17. trigger
      Do you wanna try the pay it forward thing again?
    18. Deersniper
      Glad you are here in S M. Service commercial buildings,
      I service banks in New Braunfels, Kyle, Buda, every 38 days.
      Send your Lady my welcome, and you are going to love the Hill Country.
      512-659-4858. Bill
    19. Tommytbone
      What's up man this is James morris' son Tom I couldn't remember if I knew you email me if you want [email protected]
    20. toolman
      Cool. The rod's looking good, but man, you gots to get some headers on that thing! Remember, headers rule, manifolds drool! BTW, thanks for pixxin' off all of the "traditional" rodders by goin' with the Fomocc-powered Chebby. A buddy and I were going to do that back in the 80's-had a 460 pushing 650 h.p. that we were going to drop in a cherry '55 Chevy hardtop.
      Also, I am thrilled to hear you finally found a gal deranged enough to marry you, please extend my heartfelt condolences to the poor lady! :D
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