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Jan 4, 2015
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Jan 4, 2015
    1. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Hey Eddie I am fine but also have not been around much.
      Painted houses on my own this summer,refinished over 10 antique wood pieces
      rode the motorcycle too many miles and fix everything that breaks down except myself..LOLrotfl....
      Good to hear from you. Sounds like you have been busy also. I have a new grandson and he keeps me busy also. I babysit him tomorrow and Friday....I guess I am the one that has the most experience and I'am trusted....See what that gets ya...LOL more work..LOL.
      You take care my friend and I haven't forgot you either...It was real nice of you thinking of me.

      Your Buddy Always.... Earl
    2. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Eddie Merry Christmas nd also a great New Year...
    3. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      I am doing well Eddie,good to hear from you.
      Yep I am gonna go check out the Precious Metal site and check those planes out....
      Ya know the P-51 Mustang is my favorite bird.

      Well you take care now and it was good hearing from you..
    4. captsquirrel
      Hey Earl, I'm doing well. I'm so busy with work and studying I don't get on here much at all. I'll get a break in two and a half weeks. I'll be on a pit crew at the Reno Air Races. Google "Precious Metal". It's a highly modified P-51 including a 2250 cubic inch Rolls Royce Griffon V-12. It's going to be loads of fun working on that bad boy.
    5. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Just had a few minutes to come by and say a hello Eddie...You doing good?

      I have been kinda busy fer a spell and have been thinking of ya...LOL....
      You having some time in the air or what...?

      Iffin your not around i'll stop back in later you take care now...

    6. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Hey fast eddie where you is..LOL..
      You been barn stormin my house at night...rotflmao..I hear ya when you pass on by but can never git up fast enough to wave...Hope your doing well and i'll stop back again...Earl
    7. Palladin8
      Hey Eddie haven't heard from you in awhile and just wanted to say hi and see how things are going.
    8. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      I figured you were busy,that is what you working folks do...rotfl.....

      No need to worry about that helicopter i hit it with a snow ball and it flew away
      and never came back..LOL..

      Have a good weekend buddy and i'll be talking to ya soon..

      Your Buddy Earl
    9. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Merry Christmas Eddie, Hope your New Years is better..

      Hey Tell them Black helicopters to quit flying upside down over my house...LOLrotflmao.... some one is gonna get hurt....

      Your Buddy Earl....
    10. Paul T
      Paul T
      Hey Eddie, how has things been going? I saw that this weekend was the big left hanfd fly by and was wondering if you had a chance to make it up there. Maybe rent a T-6 and participated yourself.
      Nothing much going on here just sitting on my bum and then doing chores since ai havent worked since my last cardio event then the bypass last may.
      Just a waste of time really. Hope you are getting enough time in and haveing a good time flying..Be safe my friend...Paul
    11. Paul T
      Paul T
      Ill bet you have that hamilton standard spinning on your nose and cant get your head out of the clouds to talk. Thats ok, I wont be too upset, I have othet people who say they are my friends. Take care and flay safely...Paul
    12. Joe Shmoe
      Joe Shmoe
      Not sure if this is the proper way to go about this, but I started a little group here on G&G called "Desert Shooters." Logo is a desert digital Nighthawk 1911. Just thought I'd tell you, what with you being in the area and all.
    13. Joe Shmoe
      Joe Shmoe
      Very cool. I usually stick to the Rifle/Pistol range; actually, more to the Pistol side.
    14. Joe Shmoe
      Joe Shmoe
      Why, yes I am. Up north, about 5-10 minutes from the CCSP.
    15. Paul T
      Paul T
      Pics as you ordered sir are in the general pistol forum
    16. ezearln
      Thank You!
    17. Paul T
      Paul T
      Are you still buzzing around in the clouds? I figured you would be buying a bird soon and if so you need to file a flight plan for tulsa next year.
    18. Paul T
      Paul T
      Are you coming out to Okla.? It would be cool if you did.
    19. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Hey Buddy we made it in our new home.
      I have lots to fix but will be shooting some pictures and placing them in the powder keg soon. Everything went smooth and i actually packed the truck all by myself minus a few heavy pieces that the farmers helped me with around 6:00 that night....Good to hear you are getting some sky time
      in, i would imagine you folks have had some fine weather for that..
      It snowed here last Saturday but never accumulated to any thing so that was a good thing. I have some plans to go turkey hunting this Saturday so i must go out a few mornings and find them or go some time during the evening and watch for them heading to the roost.. Well enjoy your flying time and be careful and alert....

      Your Buddy Earl
    20. Paul T
      Paul T
      Cool deal. i EXPECT YOU TO BE VISITING Tulsa SOON SO WE CAN GO TO red castle AND DO SOME SHOOTING. Congrats on your ticket. Now I can call you Sky King.
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