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May 11, 2018
    1. Dakoma
      Hey Jim ! Bought a .455 Webley pistol , Spanish CIA EIBAR with British proof markings , it is a top break got 20pcs of brass die set and 15 bullets 275grain , very solid lockup bore is great , used in WWI and WWII , mine has low serial numbers 6xx so seen both wars in very good shape still has color case hardening showing on the hammer and trigger , Nice pistol !
    2. frenchy
      Hi Jim, sorry i didn't feel up to talking when you called, hadn't been that sick in 10 yrs. (lung infection), my mother died on valentines day...been kinda of a long month bro.
    3. frenchy
      The Well - Weekly Sermons: Ephesians / Colossians
      I hope this link works Brother Jim
    4. cooker300
      was wondering if you could do me a favor. in the deer hunting thread I posted a pic of my deer I got this morning but the title says now kill it should say bow kill
    5. DaTeacha
      Jim - I accidentally erased your phone while trying erase the blank one just before it, so about all I knew is that it was from you. Take a look at my post about an upcoming auction. It will make you drool all over your keyboard.

    6. Yonkersman
      I couldnt locate that Rodgers Gun Shop so I have no idesa
      of who modified the sling!
    7. Yonkersman
      Hey Jay thanks for the info, do you have any idea what this rifle is worth?
    8. chesterwin
      I just popped in to the office for a bit and see the msgs. I'll check into it when I get home later. Things are a bit busy today and I don't have much computer time.
    9. TheWall
      Did you get my previous message concerning chat?
    10. TheWall
      Howdy Jim, I'm getting a grey screen when I try and go into the chat room. Happened last night and is still that way this morning. Griz said he had the same problem. He said he click on the Java sentence in the middle of the grey screen and it cleared the problem. Well, I don't have the Java sentence on mine. Just a blank grey screen. I have the latest version of Java too. Any ideas? I have to go mow the yard now so will check back later. Thanks
    11. cooker300
    12. Jay
      There's a sticky thread in the powder keg regarding the rimfire competition in March, if you're still interested in joining us.
    13. grizcty
      Looks like your still up.
      Give me a holler!
    14. chesterwin
      Things could always be better! Thanks for stopping by to say "Hello", back at cha!
    15. LeftHandShooter
      Just wanted to stop by and say "Hello!", and see if all is going well.
    16. Min-Anarchist
      my posts are all being flagged for moderation. I think this is a safety feature maybe? I've posted 5 posts in like 30 minutes or so. Any advice on how to proceed? I'm having a conversation and I don't want to stop participating :)
    17. grizcty
      What are you still doing up, isn't it passed your bedtime? LOL
      Give me a holler, if your up to it.
    18. chesterwin
      Works for me feller.
    19. waterdog
      Will try to call ya after 4:00 pm est 9/5
    20. BunnyWabbit
      My wish might come true after all. Blow baby blow.
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