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    1. PaleHawkDown
      I just realized I had the same SCA conversation with you WAAAAy back in '10. felt like an idiot when I noticed.
    2. PaleHawkDown
      Hey Cyrano, I didn't know we had any other SCAdians around here. Greetings from Meridies
    3. Cyrano
      It still hurts, Earl, but Aleve and Sazerac Rye are holding the pain at bay. I daresay I did not do it a whole lot of good by doing my usual 2 miles on the treadmill at a 10.5 slope at 3.5 mph.
    4. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Hey legoman...LOLrotfl...

      Just stopped in to see how your ankle was doing? Hope it is better or at least getting
      there...Take Care now and I'll see you around the posts....

    5. oldjarhead
      I found 1 magazine for $65 + shipping to me...I bought it to keep it from being sold elsewhere.
      If you end up finding an AM III and need another mag for it, I'll sell this magazine to you for $65+shipping to me + shipping to you; if not I'll just keep it.
    6. Cyrano
      I know that. Just brought another one home, a 1927 Tula in a wartime ex-sniper stock that has a barrel with a pristine bore that almost looks unissued. Pics to come.
    7. grizcty
      Hey partner,

      Was just funning with you, on the Mosin "mater stick" comment!
    8. Cyrano
      I fixed the problem, tpapenfuhs. Please try the PM system again.
    9. tpapenfuhs
      Please send me a PM, and I will reply with my email address. I would really like to read those articles, but I can't seem to send you a pm currently. Thanks for your time.
    10. tpapenfuhs
      Hey, just tried to PM you about the kit articles, its saying you've exceeded your quota or some such...
    11. Garnett Stancil
      Garnett Stancil
      Thanks again for this additional information. Garnett
    12. Cyrano
      Garnett, see my reply in the original thread. It would help if I knew which school he went to.

      If it's a figural reference you are looking for, you might try calling Mass. Maritime in Buzzards Bay and Kings Point. The Librarian might be able to scan a yearbook page showing the shoulder boards from a prewar yearbook. That would tell you what to look for.

      The size of Cadet & Midshipman shoulder boards changed during the war to become narrower, not a whole lot wider than the epaulets on US Army or USMC service dress tunics, as opposed to the USN officer shoulder boards. It provided a serious visual difference between officers and cadets that continues to this day. Finding current-issue shoulder boards is simply a matter of contacting Vanguard, the insignia company that makes most of the boards for seagoing types. Finding a pair of the prewar wide boards will be a long and expensive project. You will have to decide if it is worth pursuing.

    13. Garnett Stancil
      Garnett Stancil
      Cyrano, I have been advised by Rex that you have knowledge about the U.S. Merchant Marine. I am looking for the proper shoulder board insignia for a "cadet officer" during 1937/38 era. I have a picture of him in dress whites, but the shoulder boards are not clear at all. I have checked several Merchant Marine sites on the internet, but none of them have a shoulder board that says "this is for a Cadet Officer's uniform". I also need a cloth sleeve rate insignia for a First Class Petty Officer, Boatswain Mate, either blue or white. I have been getting these items for his daughter. I will appreciate any help you can suggest to me. Many thanks, Garnett Stancil, Selma, Alabama
    14. Cyrano
      You're welcome, CGO.
    15. CalifgirlinOk
      I put Katie's pic up on catsthatlooklikehitler. She's # 7247. Thanks for the link!!
    16. Cyrano
      ****. I can't afford it right now. Wish I could. It sound just ike what I am looking for.
    17. ray888fl
      $950 OBO

      Calico M900 9mm Carbine Calico Light Weapon Systems, Inc.
      This is the pre-ban M900. Serial # E002907. This gun was manufactured September 1989. Comes with flash suppressor, upgraded factory retracting stock, (1) 50 Round Drum, and auto re-loader. The gun has general handling marks as would be expected. Over all finish condition is very good. Unbelievably light.
      Really hate to see this one go! It is a phenomenal gun. Take care and shoot safe!
      NO TRADES...
      Terms: money order or cashiers check preferred. Require a signed F.F.L. copy to ship. Please contact with any shipping questions or general questions.
    18. Cyrano
      What's to hate, DR? As I said, I think the perfect .45 would be a double-stack with a laser guide rod, preferably a captive guide rod like the Tokarev; Novak type night sights; a unitary trigger group like the Tokarev; the "big mouth" competition magazine well; checkering or equivalent on all the grasping surfaces; and perhaps a picatinny rail.

      I understand that not every gun is for every shooter. You use what works FOR YOU. You know what you want and have a good reason for every feature. I'm just delighted you can build your dream gun. Mine is strictly a Zen exercise because no one makes .45s with a captive guide rod and unitary trigger group. Plus which, living in the Peoples Democratic Republic of New York, trying to find a legal high capacity .45 is the next thing to impossible.
    19. DogRomeo
      Your knowledge is so deep and you're so good at saying what I wish I could. Thanks for not being a hater lol
    20. Cyrano
      Glad to hear from you Wyld_Cat. Your friends on the Forum are concerned over not having seen a post from you for awhile.

      We are just starting to get hints of autumn here; the oppressive heat of the last six weeks is at least being broken up by rainstorms, which cool us down a bit.
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