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Earl Easter
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Mar 9, 2018
Dec 16, 2007
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Retired Art Teacher

Earl Easter

Pheasant Hunter, Male, from Pennsylvania

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Mar 9, 2018
    1. FortyXDM
      Hey Earl ... It's been a while, but I am looking forward to being back with old friends. How you been. I've been doing some fly fishing the last year. Montana, and Minnesota for smallies....
      1. Earl Easter
        Earl Easter
        My word Tom I am sorry I haven't e-mailed you or anything. I was hoping you would show up. I have been busy but that is no excuse. It would be good to talk to you again on Gun and Game. Are you good? Did something happen to you? It's been a long time since I've seen you around Buddy....
        May 15, 2017
    2. wharf
      All good here brother,just working hard and fishing.Ill send a pm soon.Going after the trout again this weekend.
    3. jason1965
      Hi Earl, I found what looks like a good gunstore in Edinboro that I may try to get to. I believe it is called Edinboro Outdoor store. From what I've seen on their web site, they have quite a collection.
      I plan on spending some time in your state looking for some good hunting grounds and seeing the sites you mentioned.
      I'll definately give you a shout when I'm get in the state. I would love to see Lake Erie. The last time I saw it, I was flying into Clevland for a connecting flight back to my state. It looked awesome from the air.
      Talk to you soon,
      Jason Michaels
    4. jason1965
      Hi Earl, sorry I haven't stayed in touch with you lately, life has been throwing me some curve balls( nothing I can't handle) and this long cold winter season is driving me nuts.
      I'm planning to go on a little vacation by last full week of April. I really like Pensylvania and think I might drive my truck down. Can you recommend any good places to visit this time of the year? I plan on going down I84 to Chambersburgh(I believe that is the right interstate,it's been awhile, 2008 to be exact, that iv'e been there. I'm also going to bring my C&R license with me. Any good gun shops in your state?
      I hope all is well with you and the winter wasn't to bad for you.
      Hope to hear from you soon.
      Your'e friend
      Jason Michaels
    5. LarryO1970
      ... I'm back stateside now ... back to Guns ! How've you been ?
    6. wharf
      hey brother you been busy?
    7. FortyXDM
      Hey Earl. You ready for spring yet buddy ? I heard a rumor that it will eventually happen !
      What you been up to?
    8. wharf
      Old man is doing great,he is in high spirits and looking forward.Cops havent caught the bloke but he has been found.It will be hard for him to defend himself when he does get caught by cops and goes to jail.

      Wait till the weather eases up mate,not much enjoyment if you are cold.

      I gave notice at work today,the boss nearly cried.I have already got another job organised for a start on 17th.Cant wait.
    9. wharf
      Yep not wrong buddy,will pm in future
    10. wharf
      Sounds like you need to make a brake drum fire place for the shed bro.At work i nearly always have to put extra parts and bolts or clips on cars.Fixing other peoples bodge jobs and making the car right again.It pains me to see cars go out the door at work not right so i guess im a bit anal about it.Im not very fast at my job but i do the job once.Unlike most of the younger generation who are just their to get their pay and get drunk all weekend.

      Good talking again bro,will do again soon.

    11. wharf
      Its saturday morning 7am here,i will be playing lego with the boy for a couple hours this morning while the mrs takes my girl for swimming lessons.
      We went down the coast for aust day weekend.Kids had a ball on the beach.I tried to go fishing but all the good spots had people swimming in them.Get this the middle of the beach had the rip going out and two gutters either side.Guess where all the bloody swimmers were.They think its the safe spot because it has less waves than the rest of the beach.Its the bloody rip and if your caught in it your going out.Found a heap of sea shells for the kids.I brought them home and they havent seen them so i might bring them out today.
    12. wharf
      Hey brother earl,i hope your car is all good.I know whats its like to have no wheels.Its like your legs are cut off.I have been sharing your cabin fever bro,its been so bloody hot on weekends i dont feel like going anywhere outside.You got snow we got heat hahahhahaa.I went for a fish the other night,lost a nice yella belly at my feet.I had it at the bank and when i bent down to pick it up i gave it some slack line and it rolled and spat the lure.

      The last two weekends have been near 40 deg and this weekend will be the same.Have been wanting to fix up my roof rack and put some ply wood on top so i can put my tinny on.But its been to bloody hot.
    13. neophyte
      Good morning :) isn't it wonderful waking early to eat lololol. You kin tel. We gots Priorites lol
      When you are up to it :) More Birdin :)
    14. andrew cochran
      andrew cochran
      Hope you had good holidays. And hope everything is staying afloat on your side of things.
      I need to spend more time on here, and catch up with things, it's been way too long.
      Miss you buddy.
    15. frenchy
      HI Earl!
      Yes, doing fine Brother (well fine for the shape I'm in LOL!) Boy wish i could send ya some ah this sunshine, high 60's an 70 every day, great for ridin' but boy are the farmers hurtin'!!! The bird hunt sounds great but NOT THE BROKEN TOE!!??? I'll be praying about that. Yeah the "golden years" mean all the gold we gotta give the Doc's!!

      Oh man i can't stop laughing..."kids always feeling better" that's ah goodin' Earl, now ya got my cheeks hurtin':biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh:

      I'll say hi ta Jenn, you rest that toe my friend, an thanks fer dropping bye Buddy
    16. wharf
      Hey bro,personal question.Is your second toe longer than your big toe?If it is i say you have viking blood in you bro.Mine is.
    17. wharf
      Next weekend is australia day long weekend.Taking the family camping for the first time with all the kids.Down the coast next to the beach.I just set up a tent i was given years ago.Its bloody huge.Smells like oilskin so its airing out.All the parts are there i couldnt believe it.Putting the camp kitchen together in a large tool box.I cant wait to take my boy beach fishing.Im taking my 14foot beach rods and hoping to catch a big jewfish.I sat in the shed in 40deg heat yesterday making up beach rigs and putting them into sandwich bags so i can just choose and tie.I cant wait.Ill take plenty of pics to show you.
    18. wharf
      Hey brother earl i didnt know his page was still up and when i found it i had to say seeya.He was one of a kind.You are on top of my list and have always been up the top.Like a few on here i have never met but i feel you are closer to me than most people i know over here.You must have irish blood in you somewhere bro.
    19. frenchy
      Hey Uncle Earl it's Jennifer, Fenchy's daughter.
      Merry late Christmas and happy early New Year!!!! (don't worry bout that tall drink of water; he's seen how well Dad taught me to shoot, so he's about as tame as can be) =]
      Anyway, just wanted to say hi and love you!!! ttfn, Jennifer.
    20. frenchy
      Thank you Earl, we had a very thankful Christmas, hope you and your family did too, I'll be sure to pass this along to the kids Brother :):D:veryhappy:
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