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Mar 24, 2011
May 5, 2007
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Mar 24, 2011
    1. Dookiebutt
      Kinda strange reading our old exchanges here on the forum. I miss you.
    2. CalifgirlinOk
      I miss you buddy and you will always be with me in my heart.
    3. Deersniper
      We miss you Cowboy. Rope a couple stars for us on your cosmic vacation.
      RIP, hell, have some fun out there! We are right behind you. Mike, show him around.
    4. jerry
      My only regret is not being able to shake your hand Earl. God bless you and your family.
    5. Ezearln'skid
      I miss ya dad, i know you wouldnt want me to be sad or upret but I am, I am crushed this really hurts and I miss you like hell. love ya dad, say hi to corbin and grandpa for me.
    6. CalifgirlinOk
      I hope you and Mike are having some good times. I'll be looking for you both when I get there. I am not done pestering you two yet!!!
    7. Ezearln'skid
      l love you dad, Rest in Peace, i miss you something terrible and hope to see you on the other side one day, love ur little rascal.
    8. earlsgirl
      I love you. Rest in Peace. Maybe come visit me as I dream. I miss you more than ever.
    9. Alan Duke
      Alan Duke
      Rest in Peace Earl...... I'm gonna miss our phone conversations and your posts. We miss you buddy.
    10. texnmidwest
      Rest in Peace Earl. You will be missed.
    11. Mooseman684
      Earl , My friend...I will miss you dearly and will look you up when I get to where you are waiting with Mike.
      Godspeed Buddy.
    12. Brother Bob
      Brother Bob
      Rest easy, high up on that there mountain Earl. We'll all be together again, some day......
    13. WisconsinHunter
      Rest in peace..
    14. MosinMan
      RIP good buddy. Going to miss you logging in late at night in the chat to chew the fat. It seems that me and you had the same interests, a good time and a fine cigar. :( I hope you and mike are having a good time up there.
    15. gamehunter
      Rest in peace buddy going to miss your posts and I won't forget the few times we got to chat in the chat room. My condolences go out to Earle's family.
    16. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Hey You old Ripened Toad Stool....
      Have a great and a Merry Christmas.
      May Your New Years Bring A Better Year than last....."The Other Earl"
    17. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Good Mornin you Texas goat roper...LOL...
      I just stopped on in ta say a hello is all and happy to see your son on as well,gave me a big smile this mornin it did....
      Hope your fellin chipper and back in the saddle.

      Your Buddy The other Earl.

      Ohh hey Earl tell them firestarters down there to quit playin with the matches, i heard there was a fire up North Texas from some kids. Best send them up my way for detention and a good ole fashioned whippin....
    18. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Yep i heard about your trouble with doctors and nurses in the white building and couldnt help to send a few prayers your way. So it looks like they probably helped... you ole coot..rotflmao...Now bouts that rye your tippin..Ya know Earl that's the best medicine fer any problems just so's ya don't over do it..LOL.
      My sick sister picked me up some Italian Liqueir called "Averna"and tolt me it was good fer what ales me,so i done have a third of it gone since Thanksgiving and i feel like i could kick the worlds azz again..rotflmao,,,LOL,,..Also i picked up a bottle of Jacquin's Special "Anisette" a few days before the Holiday and that one is half gone....Taint no better medicine made in the world.....

      Glad your feeling Better Buddy,God Bless Ya
      and keep in touch.....

      "The Tippin Skippin Other Earl"...........
    19. Paul T
      Paul T
      Happy Thanksgiving, Gunz
    20. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Holy Cow man good ta see ya on again,why i fingered you went on a island vacation the mrs and you and never was commin back..>LOL.rotfl...

      Good ta hear you pooter is up and runnin...
      The Other Bad Earl.......
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