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    1. Michael1948
      Hi FortyXDM I'm a new member and posted yesterday about my 1911 32 cal German made pistol Belgium made and asked some questions pertaining too. Posted as said in a couple places not knowing if I was posting right or even in the right place please sir id like some in formation or help with this issue Michael1948
      1. FortyXDM
        I have a look, but I think you are fine.
        Feb 11, 2018
    2. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Thanks for the nice Christmas Message and comment Tom...
      Wishing you and your whole family a Very Merry Christmas.
      Love ya man!..........
    3. phideaux_2003
      is that a Browning BSS in your Avatar?
      1. Chris likes this.
      2. FortyXDM
        Sorry I took so long to reply... It is an Ithica SKB 20ga from 1973. Been my favorite despite purchasing an A5, and a franchi in the 80s. Hit better with it.
        Oct 15, 2014
    4. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Tom if ya have a moment. How would I edit a post that I just put up.I spelled something wrong and would like to fix it....
    5. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Doing Good Tom.
      I have been babysitting the grandkid for a few days so I didn't get a chance to check the mail.
      Yes Sir SPRING.... ooooooh you mean like a spring on a car right...LOLrotfl...

      Well we hit around 50˚ today but snow is calling again for Sunday I think I heard. It just doesn't want to give in just yet..

      I go to another Gun Bash Tomorrow but this time my wife wants me to win something for her.....The pressure is on right...LOL..

      If I was home today I would have taken a motorcycle ride.....

      Hey you take care buddy and don't forget to change the clocks, we don't wanna be late fer work Monday...LOLrotfl......

      Your Buddy Earl
    6. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Hey Tom You have a Merry Christmas also.
      I have been babysitting my oldest sons boy.
      He is a hoot and always busy wanting to do something he shouldn't be doing so I let him go
      a little farther than his parents would..LOLrotfl....
      Hey thats what good PawPees do right...LOL.
      Say a hello to all Tom and wish them a wonderful New Year.
      Your Buddy Earl
    7. wharf
      Thanks buddy,it is the only site i visit.Hope your not to cold up there bro.Seasons greetings back at you and yours.
    8. frenchy
      Wow, do hope they were successful....thank you Tom, and the same to you and yours,
      keep the faith,
    9. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Tom the birds are in the "wingshooting" area of the hunting forum...Or are you just pullin my chain...LOLrotfl......
      I have 14 in the freezer but those picture aint so good..LOL....

      Check em out whens
      ya gits some time buddy..

    10. oldshep
    11. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Life is good Tom,and sorry about not getting back to you something is up with the mac here.

      Been hunting the birds and traveling a bit.
      I was real busy working this summer in odd jobs painting houses and refinishing furniture and things but you know how much money that gets ya.....Not much....LOLrotfl.....
      Hope your doing well and thanks again for checking up on me....
      Your Buddy Earl
    12. frenchy
      Hi Tom,
      Yes doing ok but a rough time of year for me and my children... this week marks the passing of my wife in 2010. Even though we know she is in glory with our Lord Jesus, we miss her....very much.
      Pray you and your family are well, thank you for stopping by,

    13. cooker300
      tom we haven't seen anything as of yet to shoot but if we do ill post pix
    14. Redneck Chick
      Redneck Chick
      Hey Tom. Hope all is well.
    15. frenchy
      Hi Tom, thanks fer stopping by, life's a little strange...joys an sorrows, weathers great for ridding scooters.. but my nephew Gerry died on July 4th and a close sister in the church on the 5th... both been fight'in cancer about 3 years...they both loved and served the Lord so their fine now but leave spouses and families very sad but we'll all be together...

      My beloved Daughter has ah boy friend, they're very happy..fine tall cowboy kid of 19, I'm real happy for them...they fish, shoot, ride, camp :approve:
      an he's happy ta go to church with her and is learning to love the Lord...AND he has a job!! LOL!!

      bye fer now Buddy,
    16. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Sent you a private message...and an e-mail..
      Thanks for thinking of me Tom..
      Your Buddy Earl
    17. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Yoooo Tom....LOLrotfll....
      How the Veterans treating you?...I'll bet you have a few dooseys like me that keep you in step...

      Turkey season is around the corner so i'll probably get out and bag me one of those...
      Every other year I have called in for others and figure it is my turn again after 5 years...
      It is pretty bad when ya hear a bad caller in the woods, I can pick em out every time....LOL they sound like sick birds with a beak full of tobaccy.
      Well hope your doing fine and I just wanted to stop and give ya a hollar was all...

      Your Buddy Earl
    18. frenchy
      Hi Tom, thanks for stopping by, yes were doing OK, finished my little shop this summer so hoping to get ah few shooting buddys that like rifles as much as we do, looking forward to start Medicare in April to get some relief from arthritis, etc.
      Bought ah scooter an started riding again after 35 yrs. so really gettin ah kick outta that LOL!!

      Is the shoulder surgery/rehab done and OK?
      Lookin forward to Grandkids but my children aren't in a hurry to get married.
      Bye fer now buddy,
    19. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Everything is good, the older son got married
      last week in Florida..It was 80˚...
      He is a happy happy happy fella now..LOL..rotfl...He got a good girl I'll tell ya...Pretty also...and she cooks...Imagine that....LOL..
      Two uncles passed in the last two months so I was a little beside myself for a spell,but they both had good lives...Everything elst is A/OK.

      I have been looking for a small farm and found a few but it is going to be hard to convince the better half, plus the daughter has 4 more years till she graduates so I guess I'll have to wait it out a spell.
      Thanks for dropping a line and I'll talk to ya soon...

      Your Buddy Earl
    20. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Doing well Tom...Went hunting this morning for
      pheasants and did ok. Posted them a while ago.
      My legs are sore and my azz is tired..lolrotfl....
      but I went.....

      This afternoon while I was still out it was sleeting and all I heard hunting was sirens in the distant area...When I left I saw a lot of broken up cars and trucks off the highways the whole way home..It was slicker than snot on a doorknob...They closed Rt 422 from route 8 to Lyndora so I knew a detour that got me back home safe..Heard later it was a bad truck accident...

      How is the job going?...I still look for extra work but I think my beard is a little too long
      and I guess I look like one of those red neck boys..LOL...Nobody wants the biker look..LOL

      I still try though....
      Talk to ya later Tom Your Buddy Earl
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