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    1. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Dale....... good golly where ya been.
      Ya got me worried sick,but I'll bet your on that scooter just a riden
      the back hills like a wildman,or your shootin those boom booms.
      Been a little busy also painting, but the fella pulled the plug on me after
      I finished the house and the tour bus garage...

      Hope all is well Dale, just thinking of you and your kids and pray all is well.
      Your Buddy Earl....
    2. Para Cassatt
      Para Cassatt
      I finally got around to firing the Turkish Mauser you sold me and it is a dandy. Thanks again!
    3. chesterwin
      Prayers said for improvement.
    4. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Just checking in with ya fella..
      Hope all is well. I've been holding steady for the warmer weather but it just ain't gonna happen just yet. I've been asked to go on a hunt for the Chucker birds,pheasants and grouse next Thursday but to be honest with you I am tired and the broken toe just don't seem to be any better.

      I told the fella yes as it would be no cost to
      me just some food to take along so I feel I just can't tell him no. Last year we won the contest
      as he and I are the better shots and seemed to
      get more birds than the other two in the group but he is 40 years old and I have him by 21 years...LOLrotfll..Dang young kids,always feeling better...
      You Take Care Dale and say hi to Jenn for me!
    5. Dakoma
      I got the wife in the hospital again, she asperated on her breakfast cereal and her lips turned purple with her eyes rolling back in her head and colapsed , I caught her before she slumped to the floor and quickly did mouth to mouth CPR got her breathing and rolled her over on her side then called 911 and waited 20 min. for them to get here! was the longest 20 minutes when I got scared like I did ,I was praying all the time ! She is in ICU and they say she is doing fine !
      Yep ! About time I put those pictures up huh ! Found that green camo box at Fred's for $20.00 has a lift out top tray I put my BP revolver and Kentucky pistol and gear in the top tray and filled the rest under it full of moulds I bought I got alot of moulds now for about everything I shoot ! Good chatting with you Dale ! Carl
    6. Dakoma
      Hellow Dale ! Finaly put up pictures of my Spanish Destroyer Carbine in 9mm Largo
      along with some ammo I found and 200pcs of Starline brass
      just need to cast som bullets and work up some loads
      it is in Currio and Relics ! Hope your doing alright, Carl
    7. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Hi Dale
      I took the liberty to have a look see at your new picture albums and they all are great.
      The daughter and the bike and some of places
      that you visit on your rides..
      Keep your knees in the wind Frenchy,it sure makes me happy to see the smiles on the faces and also the pictures of that fine scoot
      ya have...

      May God be with you and yours Dale in the New Years about to come and many years
      to follow....

      Your Brother Earl
    8. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Well Miss Jennifer that warms my heart to receive a special Christmas wish and a new years greeting that is upon us soon..
      I had no doubt that your fella was a good man,
      Hey your Frenchy's Girl..LOL....rotfl....

      I also see the new pictures pappy put over yonder in the albums section and know how
      much you mean to him. Enjoy your life
      Jenn with your new friend and always remember pappy and I love ya...

      God Bless Ya!!!!

      Uncle Earl
    9. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      You have a Merry Christmas Dale and tell the kids ole Uncle Earl wishes them a Happy New Year....
      Enjoy the Holiday and may God's hands touch
      each and every one of ya with health and Happiness!.....

      Your Buddy....
    10. FortyXDM
      Frenchy - Just saw your profile in my friends list and wanted to wish you and all your family a very Merry Christmas ! Take care buddy.
    11. FortyXDM
      You're a good man Charlie Brown ! 2010 was a somewhat tough year for me as I had three surgeries in one year..... ha... Anyway, May God bless you and your family. Stay strong brother.
    12. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Thanks for the update Dale...
      Just keep that tall drink of water your girl likes in line..LOL..ROTFL...Tell him her uncle Earl is always a provider of adjustments and likes ta travel..LOLrotfl..
      God Bless Ya Dale,Take care my friend....

      The Motorscooter sounds like a good fix even if ya sold some boom booms....Ive done the same thing here and there....They always have gotten me out of a fix......
    13. FortyXDM
      I do understand brother.... I wish you and your family nothing but the best. Take care buddy.
    14. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Dale wasssup fella ya know i was checking out some of your things for sale a while back but I never found the money to pull my trigger so I didn't comment..Seemed lik eyou had a few good boomers for sale especially the Mosin I had my eye on....
      Any way hope your fine and the kids are the same take care and I'll talk to ya again.

      Your Buddy Earl
    15. FortyXDM
      Hey Frenchy - Long time no see.... :D Hope you and yours are doing well.
    16. Dakoma
      Found brass and ammo ,some Santa Barbra Spanish No Corosive 125rounds and 200pcs of Starline brass ! Had found a box awhile back same ammo 25rd box 3 missing made in 1948,it shot perfect all went bang and let me tell you, it was not as loud as a 22 Lr out of a rifle,it made a sound lke a cork gun, Pop ! 25yds standing put bullets through the same hole,that is accurate ! Once I work up cast loads I wll flip the ladder sight up and see how 100yds work! How you been lately no email from you? I hope your doing alright ! Saw the new laws on ammo for California ,No more leadcore ammo for hunting,Man that is tough ! All copper bullets will make ammo high !YBIC Carl
    17. jason1965
      Hi Dale,
      Just left a message on your machine. I'll try to give you a call around 6 pm EST.
    18. jason1965
      Got you message when I got back from therapy and was glad you called. I'll try to give you a call this weekend if it is alright.
      I look forward to talking to you,
    19. TheJoker
      Bonjour, mon amie...

      I just stopped by to say "Hi!". I hope all is well.

      I started a new job a couple of weeks ago. I decided that the next three years was probably not going to be good for the DoD, so I took a job in the private sector.

      Cheers to what Jason said: "...that brighter days are ahead".

      Best regards old friend,
    20. jason1965
      Hi Dale,
      Just checking to see how your'e doing and hope all is well with you. I sensed from your post about selling some of you gun collection that you might be going thru some hard times. I too am having to sell 4 of my rifles to pay the bills and to put a down payment on a good full size used truck as I had to give back my 2011 Toyota Tacoma because I could no longer afford it. I went from a mechanics job that was paying &16.00 an hour to a job as an auto body technician that started me off at $10.00 an hour. The other place that I was working for decided after ten weeks that I was not a good fit. So I had to take what I could get to keep the wolfs away from my door. The economy really sucks right now and it is very discouraging.
      I hope everything works out for you and that brighter days are ahead.
      If you ever need anybody to talk to about anything, just give me a call.
      My number is:
      Jason Michaels
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