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Dec 7, 2014
Feb 11, 2008
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January 27
Firearms Manufacturer in Southern Maryland.


Сергей Иванович Мосин., from Virginia

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Dec 7, 2014
    1. Chris
      Happy Birthday! Hope it's a great one!
    2. R5CYA
      i'm not familiar with the rifle, but i'm sure the trigger can be improved. the only one i got that didn't need any help was the k-31.
      i'd be willing to help with anything you need help with.
    3. R5CYA
      new development on the psl. after doing some searching on the ak forum, i pulled the bolt back out and found the firing pin stuck forward. i guess that sometimes when you pierce a primer like i did that morning, some of the metal ends up in with the pin. being stuck forward would certainly explain that double tap it did when you last fired it. i'm still confused as to the other problem i was having though. when i'd take a shot, go to pull the trigger for the next round and find the trigger wasn't reset. it was chambering a round and i guess the hammer was following the bolt and lightly striking the primer without setting it off. when i get it back to the range, i'll bring the original fire control group and an extra bolt carrier. hopefully i'll figure it out without too much hassle.
    4. R5CYA
      hi erik! no problem. i was hoping to show you the m31 parts kit but it's not going anywhere. hopefully one day soon we can get together when it's done and shoot it.
      i haven't done anything with the psl yet. i read that the ak and the psl use different fire control groups. i thought they were the same. it has the red star arms ak set in it now. i'm going to put the romainian set back in and see what happens. i hope that's the problem. either going to the rang tommorow (friday night) or monday. keep your fingers crossed. that was a bummer at the range. i had 600 rounds of ammo and no psl to play with. we'll have to get together again when i figure it out. i'd like to do some long-range shooting with it. i guess sacramento valley would be the place for that.
      talk to ya later. take care, john.
    5. Soldier Medic
      Soldier Medic
      I will have to come and see you before I leave Mississippi. I take it your somewhere around Bay St.Louis?
    6. Soldier Medic
      Soldier Medic
      I know I should but since Ive returned I don't think Ill b able to handle the body count. Yes that many. The Navy Joe shes apparently settling for now didn't like his smile, I say this beacause I wiped it of his face along with is two front teeth when he tried to shake my hand.

      Now there's nothing more that I would like do do then just drive home with my Firearms back to California and just accept my losses and move on.
    7. Soldier Medic
      Soldier Medic
      Thank you, and it is. The boy that my Xwife cheated on me was nice enough to send me pictures and an email bragging what he did with her. My ammunition worked well in Court.
    8. Soldier Medic
      Soldier Medic
      Yes I'm getting divorced. I apologise for not answering sooner. She cheated on me as soon as my boots left American Soil. I filed for divorce as soon as I got back 2 the states and now I'm fixing to move back to California as soon as the 60 day period ends.
    9. petrol
      Hi FS, i read the comment on my photo, I don't know what you mean, but I'd like to so i don't do any damage.

      I'm going to go with no. I don't think so. Especially since I'm not sure what the mag disconnect is. I'd be very happy to not make the same mistake again though.
    10. Dean R.
      Dean R.
      So,have you decide to join the Marine Corps. Gotch'ya.
    11. cheapblaster
      Went to Chabot a week ago Sunday. Met John and a friend of his. Got to make noise with my two new Mosins, was happy with how they worked. Then John let me shoot his M39 Sako with some of his hand-loads. Dang, 50 yards, 5 shots in the ten ring. I'm tempted to buy it from him. It was fun.

      Yesterday not so much fun but some work was needed on the house. Found 6 rafters and most of the fascia on the west side were rotten. Cut the rafters back to solid wood, nailed on cripples, then replaced the fascia. Still have to re-install the drip edge and gutters.
    12. cheapblaster
      Just an update about the Garands - did not get to the range yesterday, it just did not work out for either of us. Will keep you posted, I'm still following the scent!
    13. TRUE GRIT
      What ever Nor-Cal college you are held hostage by, just remember that you can recover from any disgrace or torture less than becoming a S.F (Va)Giants fan.

      Seriously, some of my displaced ( bay area) pals and our East Los hold outs meet up half way ( Pismo area) to Fish, hunt hog, and drink beer/ hide from wives and GF's when we can. If you are down let me know, we are also up to pass on info to willing deviants ( we just dont seem to make it out as much as we used too) to those who will keep the camp fires burning.
    14. TRUE GRIT
      Nostrovia !
    15. TRUE GRIT
      Raise another beer in celebration of Victory, hopefully we can celebrate H.B 357 down the road.
    16. TRUE GRIT
      Nordyke decision ! The 2nd Amendment is Incorporated, woot woot! Sorry but You are probally the only other person on G & G who has been following this.
      My original post really dealt more with the frustration from politicians that will allow you to carry but then adds restrictions. Similar to the theory some have that if you have a child in the house then all your guns must be locked up safely or you be charged with allowing a child to have access to guns. Forcing someone to lock up their guns or store them unloaded with the ammo separate is another way to limit one's ability to use that weapon should the time arise when it is needed. If someone broke into my house at night I don't want to stumble around trying to find the keys to unlock the trigger lock just as if someone was approaching me whom I deemed a threat I don't want to have to take the extra steps to load my firearm, possibly taking my eyes of him for a second do it.
    18. troy2000
      Thanks for the update on the brass brouhaha. I'm not surprised to find it was stupidity on someones' part, not a sinister plot.
    19. knightRider
      thanks it started out as a joke but now i wanna see if the outpouring will get the Gun and game leaders to listen ... get it .
    20. knightRider
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    January 27
    Firearms Manufacturer in Southern Maryland.
    Southern boy, born and bred. I been told I was "Born with a Rifle in my hands" and a pistol slung around my waist :-D"

    Cars, racing, trucks, off-roading, motorcycles, guns, reading, studying (haha... nah.. just have to do it), Cleaning my guns, scaring my anti-gun roommate :-D


    "Safety? Is for gun to shoot, not for be on safety

    -texnmidwest about Mosins