Sep 24, 2009
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Lost in Alaska
Gun toting Christian Conservative


God, Guns, Glory, from Lost in Alaska

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    1. FortyXDM
      Yo Griz ..... You enjoying your summer yet ? How you been ?
    2. CountryBoy
      Sorry Griz!! For all the likes, I haven't been to the "humor's the best medicine" in a
    3. LeftHandShooter
    4. simplygrey
      Hi, how do I get you into a chat room or somewhere that we can meet
    5. simplygrey
      hi grizcty. where is this intro chat site so as I can say hello
    6. rockman7
      Hey Chris can to send me your email ?
    7. TheWall
      You still can't get into chat?
    8. LeftHandShooter
      Saw O.M. Bacon Flavored Bologna at WalMart, and got a pack, but the photo won't upload to start a thread for you!
    9. LeftHandShooter
      Thanks! All prayers appreciated! You and Marie are in my prayers also!
      1. Hedge and grizcty like this.
    10. rl69
      What's up with rich? I can't get BB to respond
    11. LeftHandShooter
      What's up, my brother?
    12. BunnyWabbit
      I can understand having cabin fever. I have been sick for over 2 weeks with a sinus infection. Been to the doctor twice as the first antibiotic wasn't working. Second one I was allergic to, so that was a major setback. You might have to take Marie out in the road for a stroll. Did you help her dye her hair? I have been going to work, but there are 3 snow storms scheduled in the next 6 days. Sunday is supposed to be the big one. Last big one was 13 inches. I don't have the energy to shovel my driveway. But I have Jeep, so I guess I don't have to. Both of you are still in my prayers. I hadn't heard from you in a while so I had to check in.
    13. Wyld_Cat
      Yup. I'm still alive. I hurt too much to be dead. Lol. Stupid rotator cuff is stuffing up again which means no shooting the mosin... spewing...
    14. BunnyWabbit
      How are you and Marie doing?
    15. LeftHandShooter
      Send me a PM sometime with it, if you wish.
    16. LeftHandShooter
      Looked once before - don't have your number!
    17. LeftHandShooter
      Did you get any of the several emails I sent you?
    18. LeftHandShooter
      Hope all is going well for you and the Mrs! Email me sometime!
    19. CountryBoy
      This is really weird. I clicked on your name on a post and then clicked view profile to get to this message page. Well when I clicked on view profile, it popped up with a page for Billy Graham and Im like, HuH?? Anyway, I wanted to tell you I saw the picture of the south end of the north bound donkey, and the picture of the hole in the ground next to it you know the one Im talking about. That was a classic example for an old saying. I laughed til I had tears in my eyes. That was great!!
    20. Ron Eagle Elk
      Ron Eagle Elk
      Hey Griz,

      Just got your message. Made a trip to town (West Yellowstone) from the fly shop and actually got to use a computer. I'm doing well and will be heading home on Monday the 9th.
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    Lost in Alaska
    Gun toting Christian Conservative
    Retired LEO & Veteran & business owner, Coffee fanatic.

    Saving what is left of OUR Constitution, Rehabilitating Liberals, showing folks how to be responsible gun owners, sharing our American heritage, praising God.


    "If we ever forget we are one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under." Ronald Reagan
    A Man WITH a gun is a CITIZEN, a Man WITHOUT a gun is a SUBJECT