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Jun 5, 2014
    1. LeftHandShooter
      Just wanted to say Hello!
    2. frenchy
      Oh that's right buddy, It's still stuck in my head, swastika = Nazi. No if he's honest [sure he is] he probably has no interest in them, but thanks any way my friend.
    3. frenchy
      Hi Iron! well those BUFFUM tools turned up some very cool history, but yes if you could find out what their worth and if he might want them that would be really kind of you buddy!
    4. Iron_Colonel
      Oh yes. Move please. You are standing on my leg. It must be a stranger since you used the Вы (polite or unfamiliar) form of the verb and addressed the person as Вы (politely or to a stranger). But what is the reasoning behind this rather odd signature?
    5. LeftHandShooter
      Пожалуйста двигайтесь. Вы стоите на моей ноге.
    6. Iron_Colonel
      I have seen it, I would have to review it again.
    7. LeftHandShooter
      Can you read my signature?
    8. Buddymack
      Big 5 Sporting Goods - Weekly Ad Specials

      Big 5 Promotional Coupon

      I know your a local so I thought I would post these here,one is a link to Big 5, they are having a Mosin sale and the other is a coupon good for 10 percent off on sale items..
      hope you can use them!
    9. ASAcn
      Was checking out SKS M info and saw your MN conversion statement, not needed here, only got 8 but have been lucky and picky. How about Finn Tikka M91 barrel date 1926, receiver 1900, S/N 322. matching bolt, great condition, shoots excellent."Old man" brought it in "wanted to get rid of it", they put it out thinking it was a 91-30. Kept my mouth shut and paid the $129 and took it home.
    10. Iron_Colonel
      I was up that way on Saturday. I picked up an Enfield from a guy. Then hit the show down in Puyallup on Sunday. Not a whole lot of Mosins there. But I had my hands full of guns about 2/3 through the show anyways, so I took off after that. I was carrying around my 1939 Tula with a $100 price tag on it. A couple guys asked about it, and I traded it off for an Enfield Ishapore .410 Indian conversion.
    11. lunchbox99
      Did you see any good mosin at the gun show? What is the going rate? The local gun shows in my area got moved from Mount Vernon to Lynden and im yet to go to one since. Im not a member of the washington arms group so I havent gone to one of the monroe shows yet.
    12. Cross Hair
      Cross Hair
      I enjoy your helpful posts about the Mosins! Thanks for all the tips and advice.

    13. lunchbox99
      Hows it goin Iron Colonel? I just wached one of your U Tube vids about bayonets. I am just getting into them. I got my first one today without a gun My sks and mosins all have them (well not the m38) I am looking forward to going to gun shows to continue my collection.
    14. H&R12G
      Hey Iron. I was wondering if you could help me track down a very difficult firearm?
    15. ArkansasHunter
      I'm sure you'll tell us about your trip to Big 5 and I hope the sniper is reasonable priced and in great shape.

      We have so many Christmas treats in our house right now it's rediculus LOL.

      We to are haveing another Thanksgiveing size feast LOL I bet I've gained 25 pounds since Thanksgives LOL

      Take care...Mike
    16. ArkansasHunter
      Merry Christmas Colonel. I hope you've had a very nice Christmas eve...Mike
    17. MLN1963

      I asked in a thread you made about holsters if you could post some pictures of it while being worn. Is that possible?

    18. LeftHandShooter
      Sorry, I don't speak Russian. Oh wait. Google translator does!
    19. ArkansasHunter
      Please go to the chat room asap...very Important please
    20. Iron_Colonel
      Можно купить но поселайте мне емайл с картинами, пожалуйста!
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