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Mar 15, 2002
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Since 2002, Male, from USA

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Need to smell some burnt powder. Jan 19, 2018

    1. jerry
      Need to smell some burnt powder.
    2. TXplt
      No worries good to hear from you !!! I'll put you right on and Cheers :)
    3. neophyte
      Sir, I didn't know either. Thank You for "correcting" this :)
    4. rockman7
      Lol... Next time call before you come back to Gods country
    5. pajaro
      hey just saying hello....
    6. TXplt
      Welcome back, old friend.

      Good time to be here :)
    7. Para Cassatt
      Para Cassatt
      Haven't seen you on in a while, welcome back.
    8. NRAJOE
      Merry Christmas bro!
    9. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Hey Buddy, Merry Christmas and you have a great New Year..Looks like we are all still around after the world ending,besides that Mike West..ArkansasHunter wouldn't let God give us a ending like that anyway...LOL.

      Take Care Buddy and I'll see ya around....
    10. Brandhard
      Hi Jerry. Good to see you posting again!
    11. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Good Lord man I ain't seen you in a spell.
      I left fer a while myself but came back just a little. Hope everything is ok and I was just checking on yourself was all...
      Now iffin you don't get back to me, well I am joining the Women's Bingo League cause nobody elst here matters..LOLrotfl.......

    12. CalifgirlinOk
      Happy Birthday young man!!!
      1. jerry likes this.
    13. flyingbrkracing
      You're very welcome!
    14. ALR
    15. jerry
      Howdy Mike, Thanks for the kind words. That would be the 182nd Air Wing Peoria IL. The patch was designed way back. The unit has permission from Walt Disney productions to use the Chief. Best, Jerry
    16. Huey Rider
      Huey Rider
      Hey Jerry, just a quick note to tell you I really like your new avatar. What Air Guard unit is it? can't quite make it out. Almost looks like it says Peoria????????? Mike
    17. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Hi ya Jerry...Yepper Iam still kickin and movin all about...LOL...Had to travel to Philadelphia ,PA to see my dads brother. My uncle is the last
      of the older generation and is not doing real well so i figured i would drive the 7 hour trip one way and see him before he is gone.....We had a time worth no dollar amount...LOL,but while i was there i got 5 ticks on me,man i hate them little chits...I managed not to bring any home with me.....Other than that my wife and I traveled to West Virginia last week end and bought my wife a nice used 750cc motorcycle. That has kept me pretty busy....It was good hearing from you and i have not been on very much either...Have a lot of teeth to get fixed and my azz hole needs some repair work...rotflmao...
      That's what old guys talk about ya know...LOL...

      You Take Care Buddy and Thanks for the update
      Your Buddy Earl
    18. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Yep i have a few projects on the fire...I need to replace a few winders in the house and re surface with stone the walk way in the front on the house....They had an old outdoor rug there and they glued it down with i think a ton of glue...LOL you would think it was in a tornado zone all the glue they used.....Other than that, i'll sit around the cement pond and catch a lot of sun that i probably shouldn't have but it sure makes me feel wonder my hair is **** near gone i burnt it all out...LOL.....

      Good hearing from you Jerry take care and again nice pictures of your gun club....Your Buddy Earl
    19. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Hey Buddy just stopped in to say my hello is all.
      Hope your doing well and everything is going your way...Your Friend Earl
    20. jerry
      Thanks all. I appologize, been very tied up with life stuff lately. Nice to know there are some good friends to catch up to now and again.
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