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Scope mount mfgr., from NC

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    1. nathan.08

      Do you still make Mosin-Nagant scope mounts? If so what does it look like and how much is it?

    2. singlestack2974
      Would like to inquire if you are still making those tall front sights for the 91-30 mosin.
      Thank you.
    3. patrickgx
      I am seriously interested in your scope mount for the Mosin Nagant.
      I also emailed you earlier this morning.
    4. camar068
      Hi Jmeck, I would like to purchase 2 of your Mosin scope mounts that don't require any drilling into the rifle. can you please email me prices if you don't mind and have time? One's for me and other is for my Dads.

      [email protected]

    5. NagantSniper33
      I have a 33 Nagant, and i would love to get one of your scope mounts, throw me a price, i would really like to get the set up you made,
    6. deerhunter55
      hello i am currently building a sporter stock for a 1942 izzy m91/30 and need a side mount that doesn't need to drill and tap and noticed that you had proto-types on your site i would like to hear about them and i already saw your other thread on this but i want one really bad because i really don't want to drill this rifle i want to keep it original-ish :) and i want to keep my original bollt.
    7. tjbriggs
      I posted a thread about mounting a scope on my mosin, and you stated that you had some mounts that if I was interested to contact you about. I am interested in a scout mount, and I recall you having some information that is needed about your mount. Thanks greatly.
    8. cooker300
      i was looking at your scout scopemount that fits in to the rear sight block. could you make one with out the peep hole? and if so what would the cost be?
    9. Thrillo
      Hey jmeck, I hate to bother you again, but I messaged you about your Mosin scope mount about 2 months ago and our detailed conversation apparently has been deleted from here. So, what is your Ebay username so that I can order a mount whenever you're able to make some more? Thanks, and this time I'll copy your username to my PC so I can't lose it :)
    10. Jordon
      I am extremely interested in purchasing your scope mount Jmeck. If you will email me at the address below, I will be a definite customer to you. Thanks :D

      [email protected]
    11. Juan Contreras
      Juan Contreras
      I'm looking to be part of the mosin nagant family aslo. Please email me how to get 91/30 mosin nagant scope mount that you had in the youtube video [email protected]
    12. the_gerber_guy
      i am extremely interested in your scope mount for the mosin, i would like to know more about how i can get myself one you can email me at [email protected]
    13. caskeymb
      I am in need of your mosin nagant scope mount. If you are still in the business please email me; [email protected] . thanks god bless
    14. hc_murillo
      I've heard nothing but great stories about your infamous Mosin Nagant wraparound scope mount and I am very interested in acquiring one. Please get back to me at [email protected] whenever possible.
      You alone (I figure so far) have brought back one of the best rifles out of the dark ages back to its full blown glory, thank you.
    15. fenfir
      Looking to buy a scope mount for my 91/30. Can you get me some information on pricing and availability. [email protected]
    16. RedbaronX71
      looks like I am one of many asking you about your scope mounts! I am asking on behalf of a friend who doesn't even know I am asking about it, but he just bought his first MN yesterday... I just got off the phone with him and he mentioned that someone was giving him a scope for it so I thought I'd ask you about scope mounts on his behalf... I'm guessing it's a pretty generic scope.

      love to hear more about the scope mounts you have to offer! [email protected] --Izzy
    17. Cross Hair
      Cross Hair
      Was told your the guy to talk to about Mosin scope mounts! I am very interested in joining the club! Got a good deal on a 43 91/30 that as far as condition of barrel and parts is superb... the more I get into it the more I understand that Mosinitis condition I hear so much about! shoot me an e-mail at [email protected] if you dont mind! You sure cant beat all the recomendations I hear around the site for your work! Looking forward to discussing options and any suggestions you can give me!

    18. 2motion4freedom
      Your scope mount for the Mosin Nagant looks wonderful. I found it through a fantastic video made by savage1r on you-tube. For such a quality piece it is very hard to find and next to impossible to purchase. I understand that is because you make them yourself, very commendable. I would very much like to have one, please e-mail me at [email protected] Thank You
    19. Martin Rage
      Martin Rage
      Hi, I am looking into mounting a scope onto my Mosin and frenchy told me you were the man to talk to! Can you send me some info on it?
    20. roverboy
      How you doing? I'm interested in your Mosin mount. Could you send me pricing on it. Thanks David
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