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Mar 1, 2013
Jan 23, 2010
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Joe Shmoe

G&G Newbie, from In the desert, on a horse with no name

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Mar 1, 2013
    1. BunnyWabbit
      Labs are great. Really good dispositions. Mine is a sweetheart, but being and indoor dog, is like living in the house with something the size of a small cow. lol
    2. BunnyWabbit
      I wanted something the size of a sheltie. And I liked shepherds.
    3. BunnyWabbit
      My dog is a mini Australian Shepherd. Well, he's only just over 7 weeks old. His dad is a toy (16 lbs) and his mom is a mini (30 lbs). So I have to wait and see how tall he gets before I register him as either a toy or a mini.
    4. Midas
      Yes, as well as some of your other posts, you seem like a cool guy.
    5. Midas
      Thanks for adding me! :)
    6. Paul T
      Paul T
      Naw, just updated. I took a break from there, for some reason it just doesn't seem the same to me now. Glad to see that you are still breathing.
    7. AOM1Carbine
      I love mine, I have had no problems with it and the overall quality is very good. I have a Walnut stocked one but I have an ulitmak rail instead of a top handguard and its a perfect way to mount a scope or a holographic type sight on it...Overall its a great little rifle and accurate too.

    8. Paul T
      Paul T
      Well, we haven't heard from you for a while so I figured you were out of pocket. You kind of went off radar for a while and I was hoping it wasn't anything serious.
    9. Paul T
      Paul T
      I guess you are done romping around the dessert?
    10. rebel727
      I say that every time I use it. Not trying to rile just be humorous about it.
    11. rebel727
      Your mistake is assuming I care how seriously people take me or even whether they take me seriously at all. I don't.
    12. rebel727
      what eeveeeeeeerrrrrrrrr
    13. kansascoyote
      I like to pull their chains . If i were on their watch list the first thing they would do is pull my ffl . So far so good . Give em' somethin to do . Freakin idiots prolly don't know what the nwo is .
    14. Joe Shmoe's Alt
      Joe Shmoe's Alt
      "Hello me, meet the real me..." Heh heh.

      In case any one is wondering, I have created a second profile to be used if I can't get on to my regular one. The new profile is "Joe Shmoe's Alt" and if you have been trying unsuccessfully to reach me on this profile, try reaching me on my alternate profile.

      However, please do not send messages to the alternate profile as I will not be using it unless need be. In other words, only send messages to me at the alternate profile if it is the one with the most recent activity.

    15. Joe Shmoe
      Joe Shmoe
      OK, I'm back.
    16. captsquirrel
      Desert shooters cool. I'll take a look for it.
    17. Joe Shmoe
      Joe Shmoe
      Hey all, I'll be gone the next few days -- headed to Utah. Should be back soon. If you guys don't hear from me within about a week, I've been jumped by a herd of jackalopes. Mean little buggers...
    18. captsquirrel
      Cool. I just happen to work at CCSP shotgun center.
    19. DogRomeo
      WOW THATS AWESOME!!!! i didnt even realize til i posted my last message what you wrote a lil below it there about where its from. mgs! & by the way, dont know if this is your thing or not but...
      foxhound patch items - Get great deals on Collectibles, Video Games items on!
    20. DogRomeo
      how is it you have the most awesome avatar, yet such a lame name? big boss would cqc you for it!
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