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Apr 4, 2020
Jun 19, 2006
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G&G Evangelist, from Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Apr 4, 2020
    1. Cordobes7
      Hola Junker,soy un cordobes en los USA,recien lei tu informe sobre las Ballester,creo que los esc ribiste por 2012,mas o menos.A lo largo del tiempo he conseguido algunas,como tambien Colts y Sistemas,como en tu pagina mostras una foto de Bull Terrier se me ocurrio mencionar que nosotros tambien hemos criado bullies(como los llaman por aqui.

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      2. JUNKER
        Hola Cordobés un gusto encontrarte.Es verdad hace unos años escribí algo sobre las Ballester. en USA hay mejores ejemplares que aquí jajajaja...La Bull Terrier de la foto era mi querida perrita Rody que murió en 2013 y todavía la extraño, aunque ahora tenga de compañera otra Bull blanca que se llama Elisa y se come todo jajajaja . Bueno un placer conocerte y a tus órdenes. Saludos desde Buenos Aires..
        May 8, 2017
    2. Mandy
      Saludos amigo he estado sin conectarme aqui durante las navidades, acabo de ver tu mensaje, saludos y espoero que estos dias de fiesta los hayas pasado bien en compania de tus seres queridos y sobretodo con Jesus en vuestro corazon


    3. murdoch
      Hello Sr. Junker, many thanks for the information. Indeed it might be cheaper here. I am wondering. I have already 4 magazines so maybe I will save for more. I am very excited to shoot the Bersa after I get well. I just had an eye operation for cataracts. Tengo nuevos ojos. Maybe in March or April, I will have my hip operation then my knee replacements by the end of the year. Hopefully, with heaven's blessings I will once again travel to see your great and beautiful country and meet with you. Requerdos amigo.
    4. murdoch
      Gracias Sr. Junker. Please don't bother yourself too much about the magazines. It is asking too much to go out of your way. You have very nice collection also but I am concerned about the broken firing pin of your Thunder 9. How many rounds have you fired before it broke? The model 23 is a nice 22LR pistol and the 380 is always superb. We are lucky that they have lifetime warranty.
    5. murdoch
      Snr. Junker...I have added you as my friend. It is more an honor for me to be your friend. Si, I love the Brownings. They are works of art and an icon tambien.
    6. PAPA G
      PAPA G

      i am touched by your message. may i return it with the Hope and Wish that you and your family also have a Feliz Navidad y feliz año nuevo also.

      heres to a bright and better 2013.
    7. Jay
      Greetings sir.... Merry Christmas to you and your family. and best wishes for a happy and healthy 2013.
    8. ChaZam
      Thank you sir. And hope your Christmas and New Year is a great one as well.
    9. frenchy
    10. frenchy
      And a Merry Christmas to you and your family Buddy.
      God bless you and your home and loved ones on this coming Great Celebration of Jesus coming to us as a baby...what a wonderful God!!:approve:

      JUNKER i hope you got my friend request...it would be an honor to be your friend.:)

    11. frenchy
      Just dropped by to say welcome and wish you and your family a Blessed Christmas JUNKER :)!!

      in Christ,
    12. ChaZam
      Yes JUNKER it is Thanksgiving here. Went to one of my sisters in Grand Prairie, Texas. Good day visiting and eating with lots of family and friends.
    13. Jay
      I've been hunting whitetail deer with a crossbow several times, but haven't even seen any deer. Rifle season for whitetails is in now, so I'll sight in my rifle today, and see if I can get lucky in the morning.
    14. ChaZam
      You do quite well with the English language JUNKER. It isn't an easy language even for us to whom it is our native language. Denton, Texas is where I live. It is slightly north of the Dallas and Fort Worth area.
    15. Jay
      The dogs have already inspected my surgical sites, and have washed them enough so they're satisfied that I smell like me again. Feeling even better this morning. I'm planning on hunting tomorrow, or Thursday.

      Take care.......
    16. JUNKER
      Ahhh ... Jay, it's nice to read your mensajee and see you're okay ...
      I'm glad everything turned out well ...
      And you can already enjoy the company of your faithful friends dogs ...
      Good Luck my friend
    17. Jay
      Evening sir. I"m doing pretty well, all things considered. I only had to take one pain pill today, and that's a good sign. We took the dogs for their mile walk, and I had no issues with that, so I guess I'm healing up....

      Regards, Jay
    18. JUNKER
      Ahhh .. Jay .. I thought you were out somewhere for the weekend ....
      I hope you are well and healthy, and that everything went well with the surgery ...
      I got up the photo of Rody and appeared in my personnel file, then I will try to upload it on your site ...
      Thank you for considering me good company ... It's true what you think about dogs ...
      I also think Rody is best company to many people is that around me ...
      I hope you get better quickly and then we talk quiet
      * God bless you and your family
    19. JUNKER
      It's a good way to pass the time ...
      Here is our friend ... Rody is a English Bull Terrier...
      It is also a spoiled child
      She spends a great life


      Uploaded with ImageShack.us
    20. JUNKER
      Jay.... Those are very nice toys.... I will love to have a Phyton... I never could, and a series 70...
      The only one of these , that I have it is a pair of the the 686 (4" barrel)... but old one (in carton box) & square butt (with GonÇalo Alvez (that´not gun, that´s a jewel)... I never could find a 629 like this (the old square butt), so I don´t have 44 mag....
      The newest S&W are not the same...
      I Have a Combat Comm. Series 80 Stainless Steel, and a 1991 Series 90 too...
      So I love the S&W 27 too... but never could find one...
      Now here the guns are very expensive... A Colt original... more that 1500 dolars...
      And for this reason, I don´t have Sigs either...
      Then I will seeing again your site... and we will talking about... I go to dinner... Thank´s for the sites... Good Luck
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