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Mar 21, 2014
    1. kansascoyote
      north east corner . Near Kansas city .
    2. CountryBoy
      What part of Kansas are you from? I am in Kansas on a work related trip. My hotel is in Pratt, and we are working 6 miles north of Hardtner...
    3. wiedemann713
      Hello i am newer at coyote hunting I've hunted deer for about ten years and now I'm getting into coyote hunting do you have any tips or don't do's for me thank you for your time
    4. progers
      200 yrd and under! but where i plan on hunting is massive bean field so i could have anywhere from a 200 yrd shot to 400 yrds. but i most likely won't try to take a coyote at 400 i'll wait for a closer shot. Is a .17 really big enough or a .22? or would it just have to be a well placed shot? another thing what to look for...signs of coyote like a den or hunting ground...i hear them every night in the fields do they hunt/travel in packs?
    5. kansascoyote
    6. BigCaneSwift
      Kevin saw a BSA 12\15 on page 15 gunbroker single shot rifles thought you might want to know
    7. progers
      Kansas, i seen a blog of yours awhile back about coyote hunting and that you been doining it for 20 years. After years of hunting small game and some deer around my area, i want to get into predator hunting i hear it's a challnge. and by your blogs it seems like your the one to ask..if you don't mind.. tax return this year i plan on getting a 270 for coyote hunting. is this the right? or should i look for something smaller like a 243?....i have many many questions and was hoping you and the communtiy here would be willing to help me...thank you for your time progers_23 plz message me back
    8. Steve
      Call me right now if you get this it is 7.30 sun morning.
    9. Steve
      come to the chat room.
    10. frenchy
      I mailed it a week ago but yea this is a bad time for snail mail.
      Hope You and your family have a wonderful Christmas Celebration my friend,
    11. frenchy
      Merry Christmas buddy! I can't help but ask, is there a package on it's way for me?
    12. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Merry Christmas You Zealot...LOL...rotfl
      Have a Great New Years also...
    13. jerry
      Wishing you a great holiday season
    14. K75RT
      I have a Taurus 9 shot revolver a model 94, it is in excellent shape with Uncle Mikes grips on it.[IMG]
    15. Joe Shmoe
      Joe Shmoe
      Well, they're a gov't agency. You really think they would put in the effort? We're probably all on some list for being here. Ever read Glenn Beck's The Overton Window? G&G could, I suppose, be like Agt. Kearn's site where he pretends to be a rouge agent to attract and catalog anti-Americans. :)

      I'm just speculating; and I am in no way saying anything at all about Chris BTW. We should all think outside the box.
    16. Joe Shmoe
      Joe Shmoe
      Hey, if you're the leader of the NWO resistance group, you might want to keep that under wraps. You probably just got slapped on the FBI's Watch List. :)
    17. CalifgirlinOk
      I got my one good eye on you.I'm watching you like a one eyed hawk. LOL
    18. Alan Duke
      Alan Duke
      Your right, I think we are in the end days. I just did not think the world events would hit this fast.
    19. Alan Duke
      Alan Duke
      Kind of ironic we both started our replies at the same mim. on the school thread with AMEN......cool.
    20. frenchy
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