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Jul 13, 2017
Aug 17, 2008
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Jul 13, 2017
    1. Shannon1234
      Hi Ken,
      Just seeing if you could help me out.
      I've read a few of your posts on Finnish M28/30 and it seems that your all over it.
      I've just purchased a Finnish M28/30 SK.Y 1939 with a 'D' marked on the barrel.
      1.By the sound of it I'm best to slug the bore to find out the size or would it be safe to say it's a .311?
      2. This might be a stupid question but is the brass for this rifle 7.62x54R or would it be 7.62x53R
    2. Ken in Iowa
      Ken in Iowa
      The slings are sold. Only one bayonet left.
    3. poorboyhere
      how much for a sling or two?
    4. toolman
      Hey bud, just wanted to let you know that Mr. Murtaugh was very happy to get his barrel band. Thank you very much and don't hesitate to ask if I can ever return the favor.
    5. tjbriggs
      I Emailed the pictures to you, if you don't receive it I will send it again.
    6. frenchy
      Hey Ken i would be honoured to be your friend. I feel like we already are but i looked on my list and NO KEN!! I was appalled! Put some pics i already had on the MN forum and tried to describe the marks on the stock on the post we were on last nite. Bye for now buddy, Dale
    7. LeftHandShooter
      Thought of you yesterday! Saw a M38 at a gun show for $139.00. Looked good but it was back on a rack and could not get close to see the date/mfg. markings (a person was buying a gun and filling out paperwork in front of the rack).
    8. LiveToShoot
      I lived in Ankeny for a time...

      ...and enjoyed that time and the wonderful people I met and knew much.
    9. LeftHandShooter
      Why, hello Ken! Did I not see you elsewhere tonight?
    10. sbmopar318
      BTW, $70 for a 1923 ex-dragoon was a great buy! I just love those rifles with the Cyrillic markings. If you remove the action from the stock, you will probably find it's a recycled receiver. They are usually marked with the year and arsenal on the bottom of the tang. This was very common in early 1920s production as many M91 rifles were damaged in WW1 and the parts were reused in the 20's.

      i pasted wat u replied to me i am trying to interpret sorry by the way i miss spoke its a 1924 hex. now wat is a tang? and r u saying my rifle may be actually older?
    11. Iron_Colonel
      Hey was interested in the Gunboards forum, and saw you posted in there. Is that a friendly forum? Have you contributed serial numbers and info about your own rifles to the research that is going on?
    12. marion57
      I know your into m38s savage 223 has his up for sale in surplus rifle forum just thought you would like to know
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