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Apr 24, 2014
Jan 1, 2008
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Sep 12, 1970 (Age: 50)
Johnson Creek, WI


G&G Enthusiast, 50, from Johnson Creek, WI

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Apr 24, 2014
    1. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Well if you get bored Larry look into the Bundy Ranch take over thread in the powder keg, it is full of
      holes. But we sure could of used you on that thread...

      Hope to see ya soon and good luck with all the gun stuff your doing...
      Maybe fishing is a better answer to being bored....Think I need to go get my yellow tag.
      Plenty of places to fish here and besides that ya never know what the stores are selling you.

    2. Chris
      Welcome back!
      1. LarryO1970 likes this.
    3. LarryO1970
      ... yeah, I was paying attention to all of that so called 'Global Warming' from afar and all of that 'don't believe what you see outside and on the thermometer, just believe we politicians!'. I've had far enough of their bull****!

      ... anyway, I'm finishing up a .300 Blackout project ... just need to get a compensator, I'm picking up a Knights 2-piece hand guard set from a friend and then need a vertical fore grip. Once I have all that, I'm considering a multi cam paint job to finish it off.

      ... I have another complete lower to work with also ... might sell it though. Also, I have a Benelli M2 Tactical shotgun I may sell as well.

    4. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Welcome Home Sir,Thanks for your Service!
      But I have to tell you, I hope you stay home now...Some of us missed you ya know...

      Sure is good to see you back. The only thing you have missed has been the weather..It's the Global Warming ya know!...F#$%..LOLrotfl....

      I'll be catching you around site Larry and Thanks for the update...

      Your Old Buddy Earl!...............
    5. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Man o days Larry your green light needs replaced. It aint been on in a spell, you give me your address and I'll send ya one er two....

      Hope your well, I was just thinking about ya was all...

      Your Buddy Earl
    6. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Merry Christmas Larry and you have a great New Year..I see ya aint been around in a spell
      but that's ok...
      I'll see ya again....Earl
    7. Rambo
      R U still out there?? Drop us a line.
    8. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Hey Larry how are ya ?
      Just stopped in to say hi is all.....
    9. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Where you is....I thought you was comin around for a bit...LOL.....
    10. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Self-Imposed exile....LOLrotflmao....

      Well i am gonna have ta use that one....
      Good to hear that your done doing what you have been doin...Hey Larry I figured you were into school or something like that and took a break is all...Good to hear from you and can't wait to read some good posts..

      Now about your birthday cake...LOLrotfl you rascal you ett it all didn't you...LOL...didnt share!

      Have a good week and thanks for the reply...

      Your Buddy Earl
    11. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Holy cow buddy it is your birthday and that is why i stopped in to wish you such.....

      Happy Birthday Larry and many more,hope your day was a good one.Now get back on here two months is a long time .....

      "That's an Order"..LOLrotflmao......
      Your Buddy Earl
    12. 9mmfan
      Have you herd the news? Osama Bin Laden Has Been...killed !
    13. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Hey Larry....... Merry Christmas you Firearm Zealot...LOL

      Just stopped in ta say hi is all. Haven't seen you in a while so i figured you are busy....
      Have a good New Year and stop in onest in a while.
      Your Buddy Earl
    14. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Well how are ya..I have not been around much as i try and take care of my sister and her third bout with cancer...she will beat this again.

      Well i just stopped in to say my hello and hope your fine..Take Care Larry..Earl
    15. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Hey...........where you is...LOL...
      Just figured i would stop in and say the move went well and i aint stopped since then fixing stuff till i run out of money....

      You must be fishing those whoppers out of your pond and eatin real well,can ya save me a few i need to eat some day soon and take a break...LOL..

      Take Care Larry,Your Bud Earl.............
    16. TACAV
      Howdy there! Thanks for the request!
    17. Dixie girl
      Dixie girl
      Hi there! :) Just wanted to say thanks for the welcome and the friend request.
    18. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      How are ya Larry...Just stopped in to say hello fer i move..
      We sold the house and found another, so packing and details are all in order..
      Closing on the 16th of April and moving in that night. We will be disconnected for a spell and keeping ourselves busy unpacking from now to dooms day LOL....

      How is school going?.......How is the pond looking this year?
      Hope all is well with you and your wife........

      Take Care Earl
    19. Southpaw03
      Kinda funny, we moved into a new to us house when the Hurricanes played the red wings for the Stanley Cup. Their home games were in Greensboro then about 4 hours from here. We are still wondering why we didn't go. When they won the Cup a few years later I was in Illinois on business Their home games are now in Raleigh which in even closer. So I still haven't been to a Stanley Cup game.
    20. LarryO1970
      lol ... I used to be a Hartford Failures (Whalers) fan until the ownership moved them out of Connecticut ...
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    Sep 12, 1970 (Age: 50)
    Johnson Creek, WI
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