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Sep 12, 1970 (Age: 49)
Johnson Creek, WI


G&G Enthusiast, 49, from Johnson Creek, WI

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Apr 24, 2014
    1. Southpaw03
      Yup, never been a hockey fan until a couple of years ago. Guess thats what happens when you marry a girl from up north A southern boy starts to like hockey
    2. LarryO1970
      Darkfront ... no problems. Knowing you for a while on the AR pages, I thought I'd ask.
    3. Darkfront
      Sorry Larry, I haven't had much experience with the AR-10 aside from a few opportunities to shoot at the range.
    4. blueice
      Larry, lets get the political blogs rolling !
      I just got done reading your unhappiness of this fourm, and to tell you the truth I also have lost interest as well I have been visiting this other fourm that is a gun owner fourm that welcomes religion and political views here is the link to the site may you and your family have a very Merry Christmas
      Just visit and it maybe something that interest you as well...
    6. LarryO1970
      ... To all of the friends and colleagues I've made at G&G over the past years:

      ... my time here may very well be coming to an end. I'm sure you can figure out the reasoning for why I have this belief. It seems that I cannot say a word or take a stand on anything without risking being banned, yet again ... while other members can post the same topics without reprisal.

      ... if you would like to contact me in the future, please do so by e-mail at : [email protected] .

      ... maybe it is time to move on.

      Larry O
    7. USAF_462/2W1X1
      Hey Larry, you asked about my M1A and what I did to it, I will take some pictures and most to the M1A/ M14 forum today...
    8. LarryO1970
      you too Jeffrey ! School, excessive taxation and prices have kept us from shooting as much! Merry christmas to you and yours as well ...
    9. oejeffrey
      Hey Larry !!!!!!
      Long time no talk and taxes always in the way of the good stuff !!! I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas !!!
    10. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Hi Larry,I have been wondering how the pond was doing. Looks like this spring will be a little better or can you start the treatment now..Larry my wife got transferred a few months ago and travels 1 1/2 hours one way now to work..we have put the house up for sale in hope to move closer to her work. There is nothing out here in the boonies that pays anything close to what she makes. She is losing it..... My sons have been coming up a good bit and we have bagged a lot of pheasants this year together.. I have not posted them all but on occasion i have put a few up for the very little comments that are received...ROTFL...
      Good thing i don't have to rely on the meat..

      Hey Good hearing from you Larry and you also have a good holiday.
      Your Buddy Earl
    11. Mooseman684
      Hey Larry,
      Check out My 1919A4 build in the Gunsmithing and Fabrication section !
      It is being coated right now...
    12. FortyXDM
      Hey buddy. Hi time I gave you a shout. You been behaving ?...BWAHAHAHA. I been busy with the same old stuff. Had to replace my puter from a nearby electrical strike, but now I am running with the big boys. (For a while anyway) Actually was ready for the upgrade, but just not the way it happened. ha. Stay in touch and I'll talk with you soon. :D
    13. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Well here i thought i was on your chit list er something,which would of been alright.LOL
      I am doing ok, have been real busy trying to sell this house and working for money these days instead of working for free...Ironic that i was just thinking of you as i answered a post, it was a Pedros post from woody just a few moments before your message arrived. Helicopter recovery and so forth..I loved
      the picture of you in one and it brought back some solid memories.....

      Glad ta see ya around Larry and some others gone..ROTFLMAO..Take care and stay in touch you big lug...LOL......We will have ta talk about those others in our own separate e-mails...a little more safer i suppose....

      Good ta hear from you....Earl
    14. LeftHandShooter
      May I ask where you've been hiding at? Not much heard from you lately.
    15. SwedeSteve
      Partying ? About what ? (not that I need a reason !!).
    16. LarryO1970
      ... one of these days, I hope I can do the same when "times" permit.
    17. larmus
      yes... sorta... my wifes job at the time paid more then anything i could find and since we do foster care, it was just logical for me to stay home and for her to keep working... so i stay home take care of the house and all the cookin' and the kids and she makes the big bucks...
    18. Mooseguy_87
      hey i'm on together we served, my name is mooseguy on there
    19. LarryO1970
      LefthandShooter, Tex (Morgen) and I have not had the chance to shoot yet, but will probably go out to do so hopefully this week. I know he's looking forward to shooting his M1 Garand.

      I need to get mine back from the gunsmith and re barrel it before I can shoot it.
    20. LeftHandShooter
      Larry, You still keeping texnmidwest in line?
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    Sep 12, 1970 (Age: 49)
    Johnson Creek, WI
    USAF veteran, military collector, shooter.

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