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Dec 24, 2014
Mar 19, 2002
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San Juan, Puerto Rico


FREE CITIZEN, Male, from San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Dec 24, 2014
    1. JUNKER
      Hola Mandy... Gracias a Dios todo bien por aquí
      Las fiestas estuvieron bien y ahora (que por aquí es pleno verano)... de vacaciones
      Que mas se puede pedir...jajjaja
      Gracias por tu respuesta, espero que estés bien...
      Pronto visitaré tu sitio tal como había prometido
      Te mando un saludo desde aquí
      Buena Suerte
    2. JUNKER
      Mandy, Mi querido amigo... (a vos te dejo el mensaje en español)
      Espero que tengas una feliz navidad y un próspero año nuevo
      Que Dios te bendiga, a tí a tu casa y a tu familia
      Que el niño jesus ilumine tu vida y siempre esté junto a tí...
      Que tengas un excelente 2013 y que se cumplan todos tus deseos
      Que puedas materializar todos tus proyectos, y que vivas feliz y en paz junto a tu familia
      Deseo lo mejor desde aquí... Gracias por tu amistad
    3. JUNKER
      Bueno.. te he enviado un mensaje (no sé si privado o que).. aveces tanto inglés me marea..jajaja
      También te envié la solicitud de amistad...
      Un gusto conocerte. Un abrazo
    4. rl69
      doing good been real busy
    5. Chris
      How's the weather down there these days? Gorgeous?
    6. jerry
      Wishing you a great holiday season
    7. rl69
      now thats funny i couldn't imagine what i could have said
    8. rl69
      Mandy im not sure what your referring to in your post to me saying im a horrible man.if its my comment on the laws of saint Croix i think you might be misreading me i don't drink and drive or smoke dope and actually enjoyed my time on the island if you want to break our friendship i would be disappointed but would understand if you don't like me you don't like me but i would hate for you to do it over a misunderstanding
    9. rl69
      im honored by your friend request i have spent a little time in your part of the world we did a job at hovensa in saint Croix the laws are defiantly different drink and drive smoke dope all you want but have to jump through hoops to own a gun
    10. grizcty

      Just thought I would drop you a message.
      IF, I was a bit hard on you.
      In the Police seizure thread.
      No ill intentions, were meant.

      I am a person, that is very vocal about gun rights.
      And believe in limited government authority. (Constitutional Christian)
      Which in my opinion, the victim. (legal gun owner)
      Had his fourth Amendment, rights violated.

      If you ever get a chance.
      Come on up and visit us in Alaska.
      And take a good whiff, of what gun FREEDOM smells like.
      Being from P.R., bring WARM clothing!!

      Take care, be safe.
      God Bless
      Chris - Alaska
    11. ArkansasHunter
      Mandy thanks a Hunderd Million for the friend offer. I gladly accept !!! Now will you loan me a couple hundred bucks till payday ??? I'm kidding...LOL Just mess'in with you.
      Thank you and I'll see you around...A.H
    12. FortyXDM
      Hey Mandy - 1654 posts and you haven't come to see us in chat ?? Come see us. We have a great time about every evening around 8 or 9 pm central time. :)
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    San Juan, Puerto Rico
    I'm a Guy Who Likes the Adrenaline Rush

    Guns, SCUBA, Dirt Bikes & Action Sports


    Better be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

    If you gonna die, die with your boots on !
    Iron Maiden

    The deeper you go, the better it feels !
    Divers Motto