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Jun 14, 2013
Jan 3, 2006
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Mar 26, 1963 (Age: 57)
NW Arkansas


Chief Troll B' Gone, 57, from NW Arkansas

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Jun 14, 2013
    1. tippmann7
      me too! i hope its up by sunday night
    2. tippmann7
      any idea when chat's supposed to be up and running again?
    3. GotCoffee
      what has happenned to chat????
    4. mav359
      is chat messed up, i cant get in
    5. fishnfool1991
      hey get back on chat jack!
    6. Deersniper
      Intruder alert! New poster Movie Guns has posted a thread in almost every sub forum in the last ten minutes. What's up?
    7. tippmann7
      Freddy vs Jason 2 : Michael Myers Joins the Fray - MoviesOnline from what im getting out of this interview, its looking like there will be a freddy vs jason 2 and possibly adding michael. looks like robert englund wants to make it happen
    8. sawnoffshotgun
      [IMG]It looks pretty cool in the pic but to really appreciate it you have to see it in person.
    9. captsquirrel
      Hey Midas. Thanks for the friend request. Gladly accepted.
    10. lvlt
      sry midas, wasn't thinking when i posted, gang member guns.
    11. WLew
      Midas I see you're a shooting range manager. What range do you manage and do you have trap shoots at your club?
    12. tclu1308
      Midas I think my terminology and acronym thread would make a good sticky. Did I post it in the right forum? I couldn't really come up with a better place for it but if you do feel free to move it. thanks, tclu
    13. sawnoffshotgun
      I added you to my contacts so I can get in contact with you easily. Anyways can I go on the chat and send a PM to Arkansas hunter.
      thanks SOS
    14. paynetrain
      hey midas hows it goin
    15. Dakoma
      Did the ammo not match the rifle,barrel obstruction or what? Kind of made me a little sick in the pit of my stomache afrer I took it all in and figured out what I was looking at.There have been a few that came to G&G to find out what their rifle shoots,caliber ect.and they just tried anything that looked like it fit ,one stated that his rifle would not chamber a 8x57 and fired a 7x57 in it,told him to take it to a gunsmith and get it checked out and it was a 8x57mm,another wanted to know if it was alright to shoot 308 Win.in his rifle and said it had 30-06 on the barrel.They must have never been raised around guns or had training.Anyway the Sako looked like a bad blowup.
    16. Dakoma
      Will do,dont think I got that powder mostly Imr.4064,Imr.3031,and Imr 4895 Oh! I added 1 allmost forgot Imr.4350 those are all my rifle powders.I try to keep things simple.Saw the picture of the Sako what was the deal,pealed like a banana and so many pieces,were you injured?
    17. Dakoma
      Hello Midas,was good hearing that there are some who like the Bigger rifles,I sure do and as soon as I get my Parker Hale barrel installed I will be getting that 458 Win.Magnum built.If Steve is up to it,will be my next project.I got bullets ,brass,primers,powder and the dies to load my own.Picked up some weelweights yesterday 53 pounds of them and there was'nt much at the scrapyard maybe another 50#.Was told that Harbor Freight has one pound spools of tin so if they need a little more no problem.I now have you on my friend list so I'll have to check for messages.Thanks Dakoma:burnout:
    18. andrew cochran
      andrew cochran
      Hello Midas, How are you doing?
    19. Glock17
      Hey Midas! Just seeing what you were up to... hope to talk to you soon!
    20. ezearln
      What happened to you you left chat and didn't even say goodbye (sniff)
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    Mar 26, 1963 (Age: 57)
    NW Arkansas
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