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Jan 11, 2013
    1. ArkansasHunter
      Hey Jim congrats on your retirement friend. I'm looking forward to seeing you around. Your going to find some change's here, Chris has allowed political threads again and I must say It has'nt been bad at all. I get some giggles reading some of them and honestly some bring awareness about what's going on that we may not hear otherwise.

      Well Mos thanks for the message and it's nice to hear from you again. I'll be seeing you around then. Wishing you the very best...Mike
    2. ArkansasHunter
      A.H was here ......LOL
    3. ArkansasHunter
      I just found your message LOL and I see you were here 12-26-09 So I know all is well.
      LOL..I'm the old Hen around here trien to keep the flock together. Take care Jim and I hope the New Year is the best for you...Mike
    4. mosineer
      Howdy mike...yeah still kicking, just not to high. Been working my buttinski off lately, plus trying to deer hunt a little, and trying to keep the various and sundry gremlins that are continuously nipping at my arse under control. Trying to survive in the Obamanation has become a bit more difficult, but I am fighting back as I can. Appreciate ya checking up, I miss getting in here as often as I used to. Gonna move it up on my priority list though. Also started reloading more in what little spare time i have. Jeez, I'm just getting too old for all this stuff I reckon. Thanks for the shout my friend. Hope you and your have a wonderful Thanksgiving (I have to work..darn it) and a blessed and faithful Christmas. God Bless ya Mike and thanks again for checking up on your friends....Jim
    5. ArkansasHunter
      I'm going through my friends list seeing who has'nt been around in a while.
      You better have a good excuse as to why you have'nt been around in a while LOL
      Don't make me come look'in for you. LOL
      Hope you have a very nice Thanksgiving and look forward to seeing you back here...Mike
    6. mosineer
      :wavey: Howdy Mike...Jim (MOS)
    7. ArkansasHunter
      LOL Out make'in my rounds and saw you on board the other day. Take care and we'll see you next time...Mike
    8. mosineer
      Hi Mike
      WOW!!!! Been a couple of hectic months. Trying to get Mom's estate in order and house cleaned out and up has been grueling. Finally bout to get'er done though. My goodness and bless their hearts, I do not believe my folks discarded anything in 80 + years they lived. It has been a chore. Sorry I have not had as much time as I wished for my friends here, hopefully things will calm down a bit. Just wanted to drop you a line my friend and hope all is well with you and yours. Take care AH.......Jim
    9. ArkansasHunter
      Go on bout what your do'in..I'm just make'in my rounds check'in on my buddys.

      Seriously I just read your message about your Step Mom. I am so sorry I did'nt return back to see if you replyed to my message.

      God Bless her, 83 years old. Now she is with Jesus. My Mom died when she was 82 two years ago June 13.

      Take care friend and I'll see you around. I'm sorry for your loss God Bless you...Mike
    10. mosineer
      Howdy Mike, thanks for dropping a line. I am hanging in there and sure hope you are doing fine yourself. Been a rough couple of weeks or so. My stepmother (mom) has had it pretty bad lately, and GOD bless her soul, she passed yesterday, 83 years old and tired. Never quite got over my dad passing a couple of years ago. Getting ready for the service tomorrow. She was a sweet lady and I am going to miss her, but she is in good hands now and her pain is forever relieved. Just trying to get caught up on my reading and writing on G&G. Keeping the mind busy..... Take care Mike and we'll catch ya later...
    11. ArkansasHunter
      Thought I'd drop by and say hello. I hope your doing well...I'm existing LOL !

      Good to see you...Mike
      Thank you for the invite.
    13. knightRider
    14. ArkansasHunter
      MOS Thank you for the reply...I guess were just getting old LOL. My body is doing alwright, it's my head that ain't do'in so well.
      It's tired !!! I get up around 3:15 a.m and get home around 7 p.m to 8:30 p.m so I don't get much sleep so my po head is pretty well give out.

      What I can't stand most is that my eyes are so tired and I have to try to keep myself awake when I'm driveing.

      I work for a major tatter chip and snack company, which is route work.

      It seems I do more driveing than actual work.

      Take care feller and it was nice visiting with you. Some day we'll go possom hunting.

      Mike or A.H it don't matter LOL !
    15. mosineer
      Hi AH,
      Yeah, it gets rough on an old man. I am a shift worker, and after 33 yrs, my body don't know if it ought to be sleeping or working, so even when I'm off I may be up.... when I should be down. How you been AH? Like you, can not get in here as often as I like, but try to check in when I can. Still trying to recover from the ICE storm we had that came through here last week. Lost about as many trees and limbs as we did with IKE. Mercy what a mess. Oh well, gotta go with the flow and do what you gotta do. Hope all is well with you and yours and thanks for dropping me a line. Take care my friend... MOS
    16. ArkansasHunter
      Greetings !!! I'm not on here as often as I use to be because of work. I thought I'd drop buy and see if you still were here and I see you visited at 1:07 a.m You most of been sleep walking to be up that early LOL ! Take care A.H
      Long live the mosin.
    18. MrsS
      Hello...and hope everyone in your life is doing well. I don't get on here as much, but I am making a special effort to say hello to all my friends here. Take care & I'll be seeing you around the forums!!
    19. Dismas 3073
      Dismas 3073
      Thank you for your warm welcome! I look forward to exchanging ideas and opinions! Stay Safe! ~ Jeannie ~
    20. CalifgirlinOk
      Thanks for wanting me on your friend's list...I feel honored sir...!!!
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