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Mar 31, 2014
Mar 22, 2011
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In a pagan land
retired, part time spiritual counselor to children


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Mar 31, 2014
    1. grizcty
      Glad to SEE, your posting again.
      How is your eyes doing now?

      Have/will continue, to keep you in my prayers.

    2. murdoch
      Ahh...Asado. Looking forward amigo.
    3. JUNKER
      Mr. Murdoch: It will be a pleasure to meet you personally ...
      Surely all will be well ...
      About Cataracts is only a "procedural" With the technology now exists
      The other two operations maybe bring a scare, but also are very common now with very good results ...
      Surely the end of the year we will be sharing a "ASADO" in Buenos Aires and a good red Argentine wine
      God bless you... and everything goes well
      good Luck
    4. JUNKER
      Hello Mr. Murdoch: I was asking a friend ... the price of the magazine in Argnetina is + or - 40 dollars ... that regardless of the shipping cost ... He told me that probably you will find it cheaper in your country ...
      I hope you serve the iformacion ...
      At your service my friend
      Good Luck
    5. JUNKER
      Hello Mr Murdoch ... Speaking about the Thunder 9mm is almost new (only I have fired no more than over 200 shots, but the poor quality of recharge (no quality inputs here, prices and import policy) ... As you says ... thank goodness we have a lifetime warranty
      Bersa has a very nice warranty here... But I could see see thing that were made for "imported"... Was better than the ones solds here
      I send a greeting Good luck
    6. JUNKER
      Mr Murdoch I was looking at the pictures of your Bersas ...
      very nice ... and I have 3
      a Model 23 in 22 LR (old model with steel frame)
      one 380 also with steel frame and engraved
      and Thunder 9 with broken firing pin lol
      I'll have to go to Ramos Mejia (where the factory) for repair
      Congratulations on your collection is very nice
    7. JUNKER
      Mr Murdoch, thank you very much for accepting my friend request ... The honor is mine ...
      I am a fan of Browning, and Colt 45 ... after many years I finally accepted the Glock ...
      But with that plastic frame ... you do not know if you are shooting with a gun or with a drill lol
      But I must admit that going well ...
      On Saturday I asked at the Shop of my club, They not have magazine for Bersa now...
      They said that the importation of things is very complicated ... For new government measures ... even complicated by Ebay or places like that ...
      I would say be careful... But I also will inquire of another Shop where I know a seller for his opinion
      I send greetings from here
      good Luck
    8. JUNKER
      Mr Murdoch ... You have a beautiful collection of Brownings (I could see the Album)... I love the old Browning, but never had a Belgian .. all done here
      Greetings and congratulations
    9. JUNKER
      Mr. Murdoch ... I sent you a friend request ...
      I hope you will accept it, will be an honor to be your friend
      I send my respects
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    In a pagan land
    retired, part time spiritual counselor to children
    Gun zealot

    Guns,compound bows, golf,movies, model ships


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