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May 15, 1986 (Age: 34)
Surprise, AZ


G&G Enthusiast, 34, from Surprise, AZ

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    1. larmus
      hey buddy, we are doing good down this way. i started workin about 3 month ago so my online-time is alot shorter, i might get online maybe once a week or twice a week now and for short periods of time. i see your avatar pic has changed did you finally get a "real" 4x4 (jeep). lol!!! if so awesome possum man!! i have one two its a 95' yj. we'll talk to ya later.
    2. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Ya...I sure hate to be the bad news bringer but i miss him like a brother...I aint been the same since.....
      I usually would not be so sensitive after all the buddies i have lost in the war and there after,but his passing just has been butchering me up for many months.........

      Sorry i did not tell you sooner.......
    3. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Were all doing just fine buddy.
      The little girl had the strep throat though last week and me with about 6 teeth that broke but can't complain...LOL..
      I also have not been on a lot after we lost AH...Mike West..we were pretty close...
      Also my hard drive fried a few days ago and we had to get a new one to get back running..Never ending fun.....
      It is good to hear from you and i am tickled that you are spending the time with the yougins,they only stay young for a short while it seems..You take care now and thanks again for stopping on by to say a hello to the old guy..

      Your Buddy Earl
    4. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      You findin gold and not sharing?...LOL..
      Hope you and the family are fine, i just stopped on in to say hello is alll.....

      Now dang gonett iam here eatin crackers and creek water and could give ya a hand with that there gold your findin?????? ................
    5. CalifgirlinOk
      Hello!! Is anybody home? Where did you go? COME BACK NOW...LOL
    6. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Where you is....LOL...rotfl..
      It is the new year and i aint seen hair nor tail of ya in a spell.....You mustta won the lottery er sompin .....Hope you are well and your family are well also.
      I just stopped on by ta check on ya is all and wish you a Happy New Years...

      Uncle Earl.......
    7. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Heide How Neighbor....You have yournself a great Christmas now and give the family a hug from ole uncle Earl....Just stopped in ta say a hello is all.....
    8. Burke
      Oi Music, hope all is well..My son has re-discovered our families Baldwin Fun Machine Organ. The Pop Rock Beat is from 1978 and is probably the funkiest sounding analog around..Sounds like the Brady Bunch's back-up band.
    9. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Good hearing from you....Sounds like you have been busy..Enjoy all the work that you are doing for the kids,they get old fast and then you miss them..Looks like i sold the house, we are closing April 16 and we will be packing the truck the 15..Can't say i am real happy selling cause i built this place to retire in...LOL...
      I will stay in touch as long as i can then get back on line as we get settled. We found a great house with a swimming pool but it will take about 14,000 dollars to get her back in shape with a lot of my time as labor....

      Say hi to all from Uncle Earl...ROTFL............
    10. FortyXDM
      Hey buddy.....long time no talk......Join us in chat one evening if you get the time. How is everything going ? Family good ? Stay in touch.
    11. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Hey how is everyone,hope all is a little better than the last time we talked.
      We had an offer on the house yesterday and we hope they accept the counter offer as they were a little low. Things are crazy as usual here and the snow
      outside is never ending i'll bet i have plowed everyday last week and just about ready to go out now to clean up another 8 inches er so we had last night.
      We have had about 40 inches in February so far and i am running out of room to stack it..You need some...LOL?...Take Care and wishes that all are well and over the sickness stuff......Earl
    12. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Sol..My wife is a graphic artist which involves a multi faceted array of areas.
      Logo designs,expert drawing skills, high quality magazine layout and design,
      Newspaper layout and design and all on the computer now through Adobe software..Photoshop ,Illustrator,In Design,QuarkEXPress and many more. Its a full time job she holds with one of the biggest newspapers in Pittsburgh along with her freelance accounts that she does at home..She is very busy and usually the only time i have with the computer is when she is at her main job...
      I retired and payed every thing off even the cars and jeep and was lucky enough to get out of the stock market a few months before it took a dump.
      Well enough of that and its great to hear the little one is doing much better.
      I'll have to PM you some time a give you a better low down...LOL be good
      Thanks for the letter...Earl
    13. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Well about your daughter..I will send a prayer upstair for the young lady and tell the big fella up there its from her uncle earl..Sorry to hear about you little one. I remember when my little one was sick like that and all she did was cry for 3 days straight. It was a real work out for me and your right,there is nothing we could do except pray that she would be watched over a lot better than we could give....I certainly hope she will recover fast which they seem to do and every thing gets back to normal..Thanks for the up date..

      Your Buddy Earl
    14. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Just stopped in to say hello .Looks like your still busy taking care of everything. I have not been on very much also,the wife has some new accounts in the art field and this old fella is pushed aside...LOL..She makes the money now so i just do every other thing cept wash the clothes,,,LOL never did like that chore..Well take care of your family and i will catch you again soon.
      Your Buddy Earl
    15. reloader2
      hey music man i aint heaard from you for awhle/give me a shout sometime
    16. larmus
      hey my AZ brother, good to hear from you, awesome possum to here things are going good for the baby and the missus... now just to let ya know i think its a law that your aloud to buy one new gun for every year your daughter has a birthday and you are aloud to show it to her boy friends when she brings them home!!!! LOL!!! hows little brother doing with the little one? is he jealous yet... if ya get a chance or a spare minute some time come join us in chat one evening ya dont have to stay long but it is fun just to shoot the shizz... if ya know what i mean!!! good ta hear from ya buddy take care now ya hear!
    17. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Sounds like you have a keeper wife to me...Most would be complaining and giving us a guilt trip that would last for years..Your wife and mine are true keepers. My wife had the c section also and i never ever heard a peep out of her much except the over scarring that she mentioned was still feeling funny but after 9 years she doesn't mention it at all and the scar is practically gone.
      Good to hear from you, I have just about wrapped up the late season Pheasant hunting it ends in a couple weeks but i am tired. I shot over 25 Ringnecks and hens but missed alot of grouse. If ya have some time... some are posted in the
      Hunting Forum under Wingshooting....Our family is all doing well and i thank the lord every night for this,thats what we all should do.I should have done this years ago when i was young,he has been so patient with me and now i thank him
      for everything...Well Take care and thanks for stopping by,i really appreciate that....Earl Easter
    18. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Hey Music just stopped by to check on the little girl, hope all is well. I have been hitting the pheasants a good bit and going out again Dec 29 on the last leg of the late season, we have had some snow today so that makes it work a little better for me. You folks have a great New Years..and a better year for all.....Earl
    19. CalifgirlinOk
      I'm so happy you have a little girl.She's going wrap you around her finger,you just wait.LOL
      I'm finishing up with radiation in 9 days and then I'll be taking meds. for 5 years.I'm in remission now..!!! At times I don't know how I made it but I did.I think God had his hand on my shoulder. Debi
    20. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Hey where you is...LOL..Just figured i would stop on in ta get some updates on ya'll....I ve been sick for a few weeks and getting better but not good enough to hunt much...Hope your wife is doing fine and all give them lots of hugs and tell em thats from their Uncle Earl...ROTFL....Take care now.....
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    May 15, 1986 (Age: 34)
    Surprise, AZ
    Hanging out with my lovely wife and newborn son, helping out with and hanging out with the Jr. High age kids at my church, enjoying my 2nd amendment rights, working on and driving my '66 VW Baja bug, and playing guitar and bass.


    "When a strong man, fully armed, guards his house, his possessions are safe." - Luke 11:21