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Jan 6, 2019
    1. billy
      I just had to tell that shooting loony about what I am doing to my contender. He takes it all so personally. Teehee
    2. frenchy
      Ok Dave... haven't attained that "new normal" I'm still praying for these 3 yrs. since my wife died...maybe i never will.

      Yea been pretty hot here too, drives me to try and leave early on my scooter an flog it up ta gold rush country for ah cold one.

      Your dog brings back many memories....hope she's with you many more years Buddy.

      With Carol gone on ahead an no shootin' buddies with the same interest as me, think I'm going to keep some of my WWII collection and sell the rest...never thot I'd do that but my life has little resemblance to what it was,

      always your friend,
    3. frenchy
      Hello Dave!
      Just dropped in ta say hi my friend, hope all is well,
    4. thaddy1978
      How much do you want for the brass?
    5. frenchy
      Guess my notification thing is ah little slow LOL!
    6. frenchy
      lites on anybody home? :D
    7. Roys
      I saw where you said you were in Okinawa with an M14. My home base was Camp Schwab in 1963/64 and I also carried an M14, kinda figured that might put us both there about the same time, although I spent a lot of time floating around with the 7th fleet, Okinawa was still home. Roy
    8. Seabeescotty
      Hey, my battery went dead, but I enjoyed our talk! Still kicking that idea around, and got to figuyre out a way to check everything! But it SHOULD work!
    9. frenchy
      Yea just having ah hard time adjusting to losing my health, job, Carol, and HMO ah year ago Dave, my head and body are still kinda shocky and looking for a new normal.

      One more year and then I'll get Medical...that will help....but i still wake up from dozing off or in the morning and think i just had ah bad dream...

      Thanks for asking Buddy, I'm ok,
    10. rl69
      i posted a link for a manual in the Czech CZ52
    11. Seabeescotty
      Thank you for the kind words. I didn't mean to sidetrack jetgirl's thread, but have had this on my mind since Sunday. It just came out, and I'm trying to figure out how to juggle everything. Life is too full of unwanted surprizes, it seems.
    12. frenchy
      Saw this today Dave and thot of you, wish i had the bucks even if the ammo is hard ta find!!
      Oh, this is at Allan's Armory

      [IMG] Czech VZ52 semi-auto rifle. Serial Number R12082. {7.62X45mm}. Czechoslovakian manufacture. “AYM” stamped on receiver. Wood is in G to G+ VG condition, repaired cracks and a small chunk of wood missing (see photos). Crack in hand guard. Metal finish 75%, hand guard = 0%. No stamped matching numbers. Bayo is a bit loose. Bore has VG lands, grooves shine with just a bit of debris/minor pitting. $275
      1 lot of 7.62x45 ammo available only with purchase of rifle. Mil surp. 200 rounds loose, clean ammo: $100 + actual UPS Ground shipping.
    13. Mooseman684
      Check your Carcano Thread...I posted something for you !
    14. Mooseman684
      Does your Carcano Resemble the pics I posted of mine as far as the front end and the swivel/ barrel band assy .???
    15. Mooseman684
      Hey Dave,
      Check your Carcano Thread !
    16. ALR
      Hey oldjarhead, see Missouri forum about get together.....Tony
    17. Beer Forever
      Beer Forever
      Thank you very much. I am with 2/1 getting ready to head out again. This will be my first Division deployment, but I am not stranger to combat. I have a tour under my belt with EOD and we got into a lot of firefights up there last time. Unfortunately, I had to use my skills on people I knew very well. War is hell. I was a paramedic/firefighter before I joined and I thank god that I have the experience to know what to do. Thanks for the kind words brother.
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    Marine Corps 1963-1988, NRA Endowment Member, NRA Certified Pistol Instructor

    Shooting, Motorcycles, Shooting, Coin collecting, did I mention shooting? I'm an M1 Carbine fanatic and love working on them.


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