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    1. Sav .250
      Sav .250
      I can`t either. Sav.250
    2. K75RT
      Lee, I received my belt and crossdraw holster...thank you for recommending the holster. The whole rig looks nice and the holster allows seated carry whether in a truck or horseback. Sorry for not thanking you earlier but winter here has been crazy. I have 340 hours OT this season and we still have the rest of Feb and March....Thanks again. Bill
    3. K75RT
      Looking to buy a holster and belt for my 4.75" bbl Colt replica, holster is not a problem found it on the site. Question is the belt... want a cartridge belt in .44/.45 and my waist is generally 36" what belt can I wear for CAS? Thanks, Bill
    4. Jay
      I don't remember that thread. Militia threads can get goofy, and they can also get... lets say "less than appropriate".. :rolleyes: I don't recall deleting it, but I don't know if I was a mod when that thread showed up. If you find it, let me know.. :usa2:
    5. minkowski1552
      I sometimes think of Canada as a 39 state.
    6. Purdy
      Not trying to be a "buzzkill" just trying to get the facts correct. FYI a 12 ga bore runs between .725 -.727 inches. (more or less) somewhat larger than 50 cal.
    7. cooker300
    8. PaleHawkDown
      I'm currently the acting seneschal for the Incipient Shire of Twans Bruna under the Barony of Iron Mountain.
    9. Cyrano
      Yes, I've been around for awhile, though because of Junior I don't get to many events these days. In the Society, I go by Alexandre sur le Mer; Baron of the Court, Life Member of the Society. Friends of mine joke that I ought to change my name to Tigger, " 'cause I'm the only one." Long story.
    10. PSLMAN
      Hi there, yes I own a PSL and it's one of my favorite rifles. If you're familiar with the AK 47 then the PSL is an easy transition. There are some things to look at when buying one but again it all goes back to the AK.

      I would recommend getting one while prices have dropped because they probably won't stay this low forever, good luck.
    11. ArkansasHunter
      Hey friend I see SilverRun sent you a message. If you don't mind click on his name and it will take you to his site where he'll be sure to read it.
      Other wise he may not return here for a while and see it. You can do this... copy it and then go to his site here and then paste your message to him. Or retype it at his site.
      Take care and I wish you the best and I hope you accept my friend request.
      See you around...Mike
    12. PaleHawkDown
      Gadsden now, but I lived in Atmore for a while too and have spent a lot of time in your general area
    13. SilverRun
      I live in Daphne. Whare are you at?
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