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    1. captsquirrel
      This is too funny. I was driving to Henderson airport the other day and since it's kind of on the way to Sloan I thought about you. LOL Things were a little hectic for a while. The wife was in the hospital for several days. She went back to work just a few weeks ago after being out for 6 weeks.
      I'm still super busy working both jobs and working on my flight instructor cert.
      I haven't been on G&G in I don't know how long.
      I hope you are all doing well.
    2. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      To answer your question on the motor cycle no
      it is not factory and in that picture you seen, it was on the other side. It is a kuryakyn brand and yes it moves on down the highway pretty fast..LOL somewhere around 145mph.....
      Thanks for asking........Earl
    3. Joe Shmoe
      Joe Shmoe
      You're in Vegas, so you may be interested in this group.

      Gun and Game Forums - Desert Shooters
    4. captsquirrel
      Well I went out there last Thursday. I liked it alot. It's a good range and for the most part the employees are good people(one guy kinda bugged me). They are way short handed though so instead of 7am- 7pm they are only open 8am-4pm for now.
      I put in an application to work at the shotgun range so we'll see what happens with that.
    5. captsquirrel
      Cool. I plan on going out there this Thurs. to try out my new .30-06. I'm off on the 23rd and plan on going out. I'm not sure if I will got the rifle/pistol range or the shotgun range that day. Who knows maybe I'll do both. LOL Let me know if you are available that day. We can meet there if you like.
    6. captsquirrel
      Hey, Have you been up to the new shooting park?
      I went up there yesterday and it looks pretty nice.
    7. Pollux74
      Yep enjoyed the time with my son while trying to get (see) an elk haha. Just to make you miss utah more, have a look at some pictures on my blog (
      Really next time you are planning to come to Utah, let me know, if it is around, we should plan some time to go shoot at the range (only place where I feel safe to go shoot)
    8. Pollux74
      Hey everything OK, i have just been really busy at work.
      And also a little disappointed by some of the discussion on the forum.... made me lose interest for some time.
      But thank you for checking though...

      Went Elk hunting these last 2 week ends... not even seen one.
      How are you doing ?
    9. Cynikal
      Thank you for the grips,very nice. Shipping pay is in the mail, had to remail for lack of postage.
    10. Palladin8
      Pat would love to go but i'm working right now. Maybe we can get together another time to go shooting. I am going down to bass pro in a few mins for lunch to look at the 5.7 and also pick up a few items I need.
      Have fun shooting and i'll be looking to hear about your report soon.
    11. lvlt
      never mind message i can't find it.
      i am going to the summerlin range, 215/charleston in about 20 mins, pm me if u want to shoot the 5.7', we can meet somewhere easy to find.
      i don't know how to post pics on the site

    12. lvlt
      read my 5.7 post message to u, i thought u were on line (duh)

    13. Palladin8
      Frenchy he is doing really well. Thank you very much for asking. After this last surgery and his recent visit to the doctor he thinks he will have nearly full mobility of his ankle again. So he should be walking normal and without any limp.
      Thanks again for asking.
      God Bless
    14. frenchy
      Good mornning buddy! How's your father doing?
    15. Palladin8
      I would check with either Accuracy on Boulder Hwy in Henderson or Spurlocks in Henderson as well. I don't think either one had any of the things you listed but you can check in with them. They are both price gouging right now though because of the shortage. Spurlocks wanted 29.00 for a 1lbs can of Varget when I was in there last.
    16. Stealthy
      Where in Vegas can you purchase IMR 4064?? WSR and WLR Primers???
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