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Aug 29, 2020
May 18, 2010
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South Carolina

Para Cassatt

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Aug 29, 2020
    1. XHartman
      Thanks! I am writing a series of articles for the main site and doing a build or two in support of them.
    2. big shrek
      big shrek
      Still alive, just trying to get my little world straightened out...Twins are doing GREAT!!
      You wouldn't know they were preemies to look at 'em now!!
      Both are almost 36" tall at 23 months!! I'm breeding Monsters!!

      Should start being online regularly in a month or two...job issues finally getting ironed out...
    3. TGF
      Thanks PC, I took some time away very busy since my son was born.
    4. jerry
      TCB Para. Hope youve been well.
    5. SightNSqueeze
      Good to be back PC. I am back at my old career with the state. My family and I are living in a new city so I'll be online on and off until we get settled. Hope is well with you ...
    6. jimkim
      Thanks for your concern. I'm doing pretty well. So far the only thing that is really bothering me is the itching. I'm told that it's caused by my muscles healing. Jim
    7. Mooseguy_87
      Hey Para! Yeah it was an honor to meet Bush Jr. I met him my last day of work at RAF Mildenhall Dec 15, 2008.
    8. Para Cassatt
      Para Cassatt
      Nils Hultgren was an incredibly talented artisan. Al(S.M.) and Sue Albritton thought the world of him.
    9. Phil VH
      Phil VH
      Anyone who likes the old Nils Hultgren, Winslow and/or Weatherby rifles has got my vote.

    10. big shrek
      big shrek
      The twins are doing as well as preemies can do ;)
      Both on Oxygen & heart/lung monitors, but at least they're HOME!!
      Hopefully only a few more months on the O2, and about the same for the Apnea monitors...
    11. frenchy
      I'm glad to here that my friend, I'm ok but do struggle with chronic stuff i thot i might get when i was 70 lol! Thanks for asking buddy,
    12. frenchy
      Hi Steve, still praying about your knee, is it healing?
    13. Para Cassatt
    14. Mooseman684
      Sam has not been on in a while...somebody must have pissed him off...LOL
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