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Jun 29, 2020
    1. Huh? What?
      Huh? What?
      I find it to be a very accurate gun. Not up to the quality/strength standards of the Ruger, though. The Cattleman, being a direct clone of the Colt 1873, has all the inherent flaws of the Colt. It isn't going to take the sorts of loads the Ruger will. It is limited to tier 1, cowboy loads.

      Add to that the fact that a new Cattleman is in the same price range as a Ruger, in this area, anyway. Unless you get a smoking deal on an Uberti - I did - I'd buy Ruger. The CAS/SASS shooters like them simply because they are a more faithful representation of the Colt than the Ruger Vaquero, or even the New Vaquero, which is a redesign to bring it more in line with the Colt.
    2. Grumpus
      Oh, ja! The cartridge was the 6.5x55 - same as the Swedish Mauser. They're all over the place, and the ammo is, too. The 6.5 ammo is usually factory loaded on the mild side, because of all the antique guns that fire it that might not be able to handle the 'hot' loads. That being said, I'd say it didn't kick any more than a .243, as I recall. A 6.5 Krag might be a pricey subject for a search, but you can find 6.5 Swedes all over the gun buy lists...
    3. Grumpus
      Well, it was a 6.5mm fortress carbine, so it was quite a bit lighter than a standard long arm. I don't have it, because upon his death, it went to his son - who has since died down in Florida. Wish to hell I did have it, though. Those fortress carbines were really nice guns...
    4. jimkim
      Are you a member of Marlin Owners? Marlin Owners - Index You might enjoy it. Jim
    5. AllAlaskan
      Yes from what I have heard it was from an allergic reaction to the medication they gave him :'( I think it has come as a great shock to every one. Sorry It took me a little bit to get back to you, I didnt realize I had a message.
    6. Chris
      I don't have his address unfortunately.
    7. ArkansasHunter
      You would'nt believe the incredable pain I've been in. My nose is completely stoped up and the top of my fore head hurts so much I almost went to the hospital.
      I took 3 advil and that helped to where I could fall back to sleep. I've manged to get my nose to run a little to take the pressure off. I've done some serious praying to because I got scard due to the pain LOL But I'm a little better other than my neck.
      Take care and I'll talk at you latter...Mike
    8. ArkansasHunter
      I clicked the link and I have to say what a neat story about you finding your first gun.
      My first gun was actually the Sears 410 that I let a man talk me out of. He had a Revelation boltaction that held 3 rounds. Being a kid I traded with him and have regretted it ever since. I still have the 20ga. Sears singleshot though but if you shoot it the breach breaks open.

      You would'nt believe how sick I am today LOL. I detailed my wife suv late sunday afternoon. I have a power washer that I poured a half of gallon bottle of ICE which is the best car soap you can buy. I normaly use a cup's worth of the soap.
      I guess the soap mist got up into my sinus. My head hurts, my eyes hurt, my neck hurts and I am stuffed up like I've never been in my life and I'm about to freeze to death LOL OH Mercy !!!
      Take care buddy I gotta go do some more moaning and groaning LOL
    9. ArkansasHunter
      Sir I appreciate the friend offer and I gladly accept. Thanks a million and I was going to ask you to LOL.

      Would you refresh my memory about the Marlin 30-30 ? Years ago my 1st. Marlin 30-30 came up missing. My Dad had sold it, I later found out. I guess he needed the money. But I got another new one the following year for Christmas. If thats the one, Nope I did'nt get it back and my Dad went on to buy me later a Ruger single six, Winchester semi-auto 22 rifle, Remington 742 which I still have and a Remington 870 I also still have that one. Opps forgot he bought me my first shotgun which was a Sears 410 singleshot then I moved up to a Sears 20ga. singleshot LOL plus the 2 Matlin 30-30's.

      So he more than made up for the 1st. Marlin 30-30
    10. Brandhard
      My Grandparents moved there in the early '80's I believe. The store they own is the Ben Franklin, now called the BeeHive. I'll have to ask my Gramma if she knows Ellen.
    11. Grumpus
      LOL! Just glanced over at your friends list. You've got my kind of luck in picking friends...
    12. Grumpus
      No kidding! I grew up a block away from the roundhouse, and right across the street from the boarding house for the rail crews. He may have even stayed there... I wasn't born until after the war, but the place that boarded the railroad folks is still operating as a bed and breakfast. It's right next to Zimmerli Park (named for my grandpa, who deeded the city the land) up on Depot Hill...
    13. blueice
      Merry Christmas, Plumber, to you and your family!!
    14. ALR
      On the shores of Gitchee Gumee, only in my mind, I live in St Peters MO.
      Gitchee Gumee is closer than Titicaca.
    15. Juneau_Craig
      oh and yes, the dial-0-saur comment was about your dial up internet, not your age. if i was commenting on your age i would have mentioned esso gas pumps. lol
    16. Juneau_Craig
      Hey Terry thanks! Glad you like the pictures. I try to make them small so even dial-0-saurs can see them.
      Happy Holidays!
    17. LiveToShoot
      I lived for a while in Brooklyn Park MN...

      ...and, I sure did enjoy the experience.
    18. big boomer
      big boomer
      Looking forward to meeting you just let me know when i am available 7 days a week(retired) during the week is best though
    19. blueice
      Da, da well that makes two of us.....
    20. big boomer
      big boomer
      Hey Plumber if you know where the ranch house is why not come to Winsted and meet at big als they have the best burgers around here and its a buy too. Big Als is the sports bar just on the corner of hiway 1 (old 261) and main street.
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    Plumbing contractor
    I have been hunting for 47 years. I have been fishing for 55 years.

    hunting, fishing, trap shooting. Life member of NRA 35 years


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