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G&G Evangelist, from Missouri

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Oct 12, 2017
    1. ALR
      Hey ph, is the pin shoot still on?
      Where at and what time?
    2. gunnut2u
      How's everything been going heaver ? Have you went by the new Top Gun yet ? I went there last sunday and they were packed . They told me atleast an hour and a half wait to get a lane !
    3. gunnut2u
      Hey heaver,
      Sorry about that ! I thought it was you looking for a .45 . LOL!!!Need to pay better attention .Besides, "I would never ask you to cheat" LOL!!! Big or little Kimber ??
    4. Pumpkinheaver
      Nah I have a Kimber that I love. I wouldn't think of cheating on her!!!!!
    5. gunnut2u
      HI pumpkinheaver.
      I seen you were looking at .45s . if you would like to check out my Taurus, (shoot it ) ,let me know and I will meet you somewhere . you buy the bullets of course. LOL!
    6. gunnut2u
      Hi heaver ,
      Imperial , 7 mimutes from top gun . Maybe the first or second saturday next month might be good ?
    7. gunnut2u
      Hey heaver ,
      Top Gun has 17 lanes . Pretty nice . let me know if you would like to stop by some time and check it out , i'll meet you up there ?
    8. gunnut2u
      TOP GUN is at their new store now !!Very nice .Alot bigger than the old place . They are gonna have a grand opening in oct . hopefully some give aways for that !!!If I find out they are giving stuff away then , I'll let you know so you can stop by and register and try your luck !!LOL!!!Mid America Arms had their grand opening from moving and gave away 7 guns and some accessores.I was gonna check out the range but they were really busy and I didn't want to wait .People were saying they were very nice !!!
      Keep on Firing
    9. gunnut2u
      It might have been high caliber . it was a range at one time. then it was callahan's restaurant. It's on the same service road as top gun , except it's about a mile or so north .When you drive by you will notice the big addition to the building.I think stan (top gun) told me they were moving this month . I also think he said at one time they were thinking of using the building were they are at for CCW classses ?? not 100% sure on that though. we'll have to make arrangements to meet up and spit some lead. what is a pin shoot?
    10. Pumpkinheaver
      Where is the new topgun at. I knew they where building one but wasn't exactly sure where it was. Is it at the site of the old high caliber?
    11. gunnut2u
      How you doing Pumpkinheaver? Hope your weekend was good ! bought a little ammo from dunns before . Stan and joe are good people at top gun . bought my AR15 and .40cal sub rifle from them. my safe also . took my CCW class there. their new place down the road is huge if you haven't seen it .about a mile north up the service road . maybe we can meet there some time and pop a few rounds off !!!mid day m-th or friday / saturday anytime is good for me if your interested . Talk to you later
    12. gunnut2u
      PumpKinheaver, wanted to see how everything was going ? Have a good weekend . TIM
    13. knightRider
    14. captsquirrel
      I really need to look at this more often. I hear ya about the fish. My Grandpa spent a lot of time fishing the Current. He's retired in California now and still fishes all the time. He has it pretty easy too. His fishing buddy is the local warden.
    15. captsquirrel
      That's cool. He grew up right on the current river. We had a family reunion a couple of years ago. Unfortunately I couldn't make it. I really wanted to go. I've never been there and I hear it's a beautiful place.
    16. captsquirrel
      This is funny. All I had to do is snivel a little and now I have friends
      BTW My Grandpa is from Missouri. Are you familiar with Van Buren?
    17. Pumpkinheaver
    18. jimkim
      Sorry, I got in a hurry. I meant to send that to twister.
    19. Pumpkinheaver
    20. therifleman
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