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    1. rl69
      Bad spelling member
    2. Seabeescotty
      We made it, and the one today passed us by also! I think living in the hills was a good idea. I feel for the poor folks who weren't so fortunate, and pray they get the help they need to get their lives back!
    3. Chris
      Hope you enjoy it! Can't wait to see pics of before and after!

      As far as the letter...sorry my handwriting is terrible....
    4. gandog56
      Holy Geeze, look at all the typos I just did, Traded for them, part# for .223
    5. gandog56
      AK47, **** fat finger missed again!
    6. gandog56
      Who storm? And my Saiga with the AK37 type action puts huge dents in the cases when it ejects them I got by by scooping up all the brass from the ground at the range, cleaning them up, and traging them for once shot .223 cases, so I never trimmed them. But Lee does make the stuff. The guage and shell holder for .334 is Lee Part # 90114. You'll also need the currer and lock stud if you don't have them for any other calibers. (Lee part # 90114)
    7. arvetus
      nothing yet, I haven't had a chance. I think I'm going to get a 4x8 and cut and rip to fit and use a small threshold on it for the storm door...
    8. LeftHandShooter
      Thanks! I'm also no longer posting in that thread (or on here much). Too much "junk".
    9. SwedeSteve
      You're welcome kind sir !! Let me know how that "shorty" work out for ya !!
    10. Mandy
      how you doing buddy, just saying hi...
    11. LeftHandShooter
      A little. Mostly in chat - Not full time though.
    12. Mandy
      Sorry buddy It doesn't says horrible, it says H O N O U R A B L E, I just missed the u on the word, sorry my bad lol

      When I first read your post, I said what is going on, I never said horrible to anybody on the internet ever, that's not my style and will never be.

      No problem buddy you just misread my misspelled word, I think you're a great guy and no friendship is going to be broken over a misunderstanding, I'll go now and drink a beer on your behalf...... have a good one.... Cheers
    13. Mandy
      By your recent interactions in the forum, I think you're a honorable man..........
    14. GlockMeister

      I guess I misunderstand your anti comment. My only problem with someone, anyone owning guns & whether that be 1,100,1000, or 10,000, is, that they be responsible & keep them locked up & as secure as possible at all times they're not in use or at home.

      And yes, as I said, if my gun was stolen because I DIDN'T HAVE IT LOCKED UP, say just in a shoe box in a closet, & someone stole it & an innocent person got killed with it, say, a pregnant woman that just went to the convenient store or gas station for a gallon of milk, knowing had I just put it in a safe or removed the firing pin & r locked or secured it, yea, I'd feel responsible because I COULD HAVE PREVENTED it by doing something as simple as securing it or a part of it that disabled it from working. But I'd also bet even money that someone would sue, try & sue me, for both wrongful death & negligence. Because it wasn't locked up or disabled and had it, they been, it probably wouldn't have happened.
    15. res45
      The TL should work fine and is much simpler to use I would go that way first and see how it does. Pan lubing is a bit more trouble and expensive and works better with bullets that have the wider grease grooves.
    16. eagle4g63
      Ok, so I looked at what I have and I can give you all winchester head stamp, or I have about 15 RP head stamps and give the rest in winchester? I didn't count but I have a few FC head stamp also. Not sure if you have a preference to head stamps but I'll let you decide, it doesn't matter to me but the number sounds fine to me.
    17. jmp8927
      Sounds good! My dad needed help with work all day today and I didn't get a chance to get yours out. I'll have it out first thing tomorrow morning though!
    18. PSLMAN
      I left my Mosin ammo at home and didn't realize it until I had the rifle on the bench. I had to make do shooting my AR15s and AK47s plus the other guy's pistols. I felt so dumb about leaving behind the ammo for the main rifle I wanted to shoot, lol!!!

      I hope work went good today and you get to spend some quality time with your guns soon.
    19. PSLMAN
      Funny you should ask because I'm trying it out today. The paper clip was too thick, I only needed .025" so I cut some shims from a Mountain Dew can. I'll be on a cold mountain top this afternoon punching paper once more.
    20. PSLMAN
      Yes, I was hitting low so I shimmed the rear of the base with a paper clip that measures .052" with my calipers. Once I have determined the proper height he will shim/machine the base to correlate.

      This global warming is gonna kill us, lol!
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