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    1. cooker300
      hows covering shipping on a small flat rate box sounds. I have no use for them when I got to the range I pick up everything that brass. and get ride of what I don't need.
    2. cooker300
      ive got 84
    3. cooker300
      let me look i think i have about 50 or so range pickups. it might take a day or 2 to get to my storage unit. but ill check for you
    4. rl69
      thanks Lamar i ran across this site a few days back seen you was a member a lot of good info i got my mold Thursday I'm hooked i already want a sizer production pot the whole 9 yards Ronnie
    5. runfiverun
      i have the 314291 mold and it does very well in my girls argie,the nose is a bt big in my 30 cals but it shot fair once i got it seated.
      i try to sweep through when i can iv'e been working 18 hr days well nights for a bit i try to keep up with whats going on here even if i don't post.
      hope that 311 does well for you my 30 cals have done nicely with 28 grs 4895 and a filler the 0-6 likes about 30 and no filler.
    6. jimkim
      I bought a two cavity 311291 from oldgoat. It looks new. Glad to see you back on G&G.
    7. runfiverun
      the actual lithium content needs to be under 10%
      he could just melt and dip a regular lube then run through a sizer,if he has one.
      or just use the lla jpw mix or jpw alone it works just fine.
      for t/l he is gonna have to compromise a bit, he ould use b-wax and jpw in a mixtue and swirl lube also,it makes a harder lube when it dries,i hae used 3 parts jpw to one b-wax melted in the wave it dries hard as heck but it swirl lubes in nicely and stays in place,i used a bit o lanolin in it too when it ooled down.
      he ould also just melt the b-wax and stir in the jpw for a bit softer lube and add some lla to the mix if he has it.
      i hae used scented candles and the same too,scented is the key not regular ones.
    8. jimkim
      Rich is looking for a good homemade lube that can be used on TL style bullets. I suggested LLA or JPW, but he wants something he can make. Can a regular lube be diluted to the point it can be applied like LLA, JPW, or Veral's Blue Soft? I remember reading that the NRA once experimented with straight high temp lithium grease. From what I remember they had excellent results. What do you think?
    9. runfiverun
      what you gotta look out for when necking up is the stretch of the brass causing thick and thin spots that are exaggerated when necked up it causes a lot of runout [crooked ammo]
    10. jimkim
      I saw where you like to neck your brass up to 358 caliber. I have recently started necking 243 brass up to use in my 308. So far I prefer it to actual 308 brass. Is this common?
    11. runfiverun
      when you find your sizer get a little plastic box like the fishermen use for their lures then you can keep your sizer and top punch together.
      i use the star luber and cast one mold for a while till i have a thousand or so then size them all at one time.
      the rifle stuff i do one at a time and can seat checks size and lube all in one stroke.
      the 358win is done and i can start on the 8 mauser next,i have a single cavity mold for it that has shown some promise so far.
      next up is re-try on the 375 win,or the 223 rem x-p and finally i will do the 303's.
      told the wife i wasn't gonna buy any more guns for a while but the new ruger in 44 special keeps catching my eye [maybe for christmas]
    12. jimkim
      I have a few more moulds since last we spoke. I now have a two cavity Ranch Dog TLC311-165-RF(the one I started with), A SC Ideal 308241, SC Ideal 308291, a two cavity 30 caliber Lee Soup Can, a two cavity Lyman 358242, a two cavity Lyman 358429, a two cavity Lyman 429421, a four cavity Lyman 452374, and a Lee HP 452-228-1R. I think that's all of them. Now I think I'll break down and start looking for a lubrisizer. Jim
    13. jimkim
      I'm with you. A lot of people don't realize that the 30-06 came out because of the ballistics and success of the "new" 7.92x57mm and how impressed we were by the 7x57 in the Spanish American War. We were outgunned and we knew it. I have never understood how someone would think the 7-08 was a good cartridge and scoff at the 7x57. I just don't get it. Jim PS: Don't even get me started on the 6.5x55mm.
    14. jimkim
      I do appreciate your post on the 338 Marlin thread. What do you think of my idea. I like the 35 cal one the best. With that long neck we could load 300 grainers in it. Just like the 35-30 only with 20-30gr more powder. Zowee!!!
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