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Mar 15, 2002
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Nashville, TN
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Mar 7, 2018
    1. Chris
      Happy Birthday!
    2. jerry
      Wishing you a great holiday season
    3. kennyrogers
      I have a pretty good memory. If I see that he is still in business in two years from now, I will probably send you a pm and accuse you of not listening to some friendly, excellent advice and letting your ego get in the way. On the hand, if you put him out of business, I will probably send you a pm and congratulate you....I'll even admit that you were better than the rest! If he is still in business in a year or two, it will certainly be embarrassing for you to get taken advantage of and not be able to stop him.

      Again, good luck.
    4. kennyrogers
      One of the problems with the hunting business is that there is too much ego. I have seen jilted hunters feel that they can put a guy out of business by bringing in attorny's and bad mouthing them and, in reality, the law is going to side with him because "hunting is hunting" and the court has heard from all kinds of guys who didn't get their game. What is kind of funny, is that they ALL think THEIR situation is so unique that the outcome will be different...what was it that I said about "too much ego".

      I am rooting for you. Don't let your ego over-ride your case. Call the Alaska BOG and BGCSB and save your sanity. Forget about the nickle and dime junk because it takes away from your legitimate issues.
    5. kennyrogers
      I really don't have a dog in this fight, but I do know what it takes to rid a bad business man from the guiding industry. He has dealt with a lot of guys like you. Unless you go through the right procedures, you will waste your money and attorny's time and you will feel that you have caused him a headache/trouble, and in the end, he will stay in business. When he is still in business when the dust settles, he wins. No matter how much you have asserted YOUR points.

      You don't have to take my advice. You could put him out of business for little or no money and little or no time on your part if you go to the BOG or BGCSB.
    6. kennyrogers
      If you want this guy in jail or at least out of business, you should take my advice. You should realize how few of his prospective clients come to a website like this. Your comments on this forum won't hurt his business a bit. If you want to hit him where it hurts, turn him into the Alaska Big Game Commercial Services Board and the Alaska Board of Game. You are not the first guy that he has screwed that has enough cash and motivation to bring a suit against him. He knows how to deal with a 'high dollar client with a chip on his shoulder". You are just like all the rest of the guys who think their attorney will save the day by bringing the truth out in the open, AND because you think your situation is different and YOU really will get it done....Everyone else thought they would too.
    7. SUBMOA
      submoa here in mtn hm. having trouple posting new threads. says that i logged in after previous window to use back button and reload previous page? what am i doing wrong ?
    8. knightRider
    9. captsquirrel
      My God I can't belive I let this much time go by. How'd the check ride go?
    10. captsquirrel
      Hey Shaun, I haven't talked to you in a while. How's the flying going?
    11. Gopher3604x4
      I wos wondering why my thread in bow hunting was closed. just want to know so I dont do that again. thankx Gopher3604x4
    12. ACfixer
      Shaun, can you give me a link to the Pilot's thread? Can't find it with my meager web skills. ;)♠
    13. andrew cochran
      andrew cochran
      You missed one in the bersa forum.
    14. ArkansasHunter
      Happy Birthday 15 minutes late LOL
    15. Phil Lozano
      Phil Lozano

      I have been a member for a long time. Made some posts today. All but 1 said the posts would be reviewed. Am I approved ?

      Is this going to happen each time I post ?

      Let me know.


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