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Jun 24, 2017
Sep 26, 2008
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Intercoastal Sea Islands, SC, USA
Recently with DoD at MCRD-Parris Island, MCAS-Beau


G&G Enthusiast, from Intercoastal Sea Islands, SC, USA

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Jun 24, 2017
    1. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Hey....I just wanted to stop in and give you a thank you.....Your post was straight up and direct which helped me continue with my day...

      I will never loose my faith but I sure have been taken back on a few things since 1971.

      Time will tell just how much many
      can endure and I plan to take the ride with those who can and care.........

      Thanks Again
      Earl Easter
    2. wiedemann713
      I know there are good lawmen and bad but most ness which is out for ratings lately has down some really bad ones... If you are or were a lawmen i thank you for your service also..... God bless
    3. Para Cassatt
      Para Cassatt
      Howdy neighbor, haven't seen you on in a while.
    4. countryboymodz
      Hi. How do i about joining the father n son shooters group
    5. jason.mcgill
      Thanks for the comment on my Remington 1903a3. What would the best way to approach taking off the rear sight?
    6. Tack Driver
      Tack Driver
      That 3 1/2" 00 buck with a full choke will reach out and touch a deer. Awesome for turkeys as well. Man, I bet that 000 is scary!
    7. hellinahelmet
      never mind i got it. false alarm. it was the empty shell it was causing the bolt to stick. i was panicing.
    8. hellinahelmet
      I just ordered that U.S rifle book. the one that was a couple of bucks. Man cant wait to use it. Thanks for finding it for me.
    9. LiveToShoot
      Welcome to G&G Forum...
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    Intercoastal Sea Islands, SC, USA
    Recently with DoD at MCRD-Parris Island, MCAS-Beau
    I'm a veteran of the Navy Submarine Service, Univerity of South Carolina graduate and retired from state law enforcement including investigations and firearms instructor. My young wife and I are fellow veterans with one 15 year old son.

    My World War II rifles and 1911 pistols. Working on my second degree. Trying to stay in shape. Enjoying my wife and only son. Present Scout leader, former deer hunter and combat pistol competition shooter. History.