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Apr 18, 2020
Mar 16, 2002
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Sep 18, 1964 (Age: 56)
Hinckley, Ohio
Instument Technician II Cathodic Protection.

Stock Doc

G&G Evangelist, 56, from Hinckley, Ohio

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Apr 18, 2020
    1. ramitupurs84

      I am new and I tried to post something in the Mosin thread, well a new topic. It's not showing up, did I miss something?
    2. Stock Doc
      Stock Doc
      Thanks Jmeck. That is my old shop. My new shop is 4 times as big. I have been doing stock work for 20 years now.
    3. jmeck
      Hello, I like your shop set up in your avatar pic. I take it you do stock work. Good to know. Jeff
    4. Stock Doc
      Stock Doc
      I would not remove the new number. My method was to retrieve a existing number that had been sanded or ground away. I PM'D you.
    5. powhs
      Hello I just purchased a M1 Garand. The serial number was sanded off the receiver. You posted here that you can polish off that are and retreave the old number. Is it OK to remove the new number?
    6. Stock Doc
      Stock Doc
      You would have to PM chris to get that answered. I can not make a decision like that and it is a good one. Please let him know. He is on the right in my freinds list. Thanks,,Rick
    7. dog party
      dog party
      I was just wondering if we could make some informative threads "stickies" so that they would always be on top. I'm thinking about a stickie threads that deal with CETME-focused issues, like headspace, charging handle, etc. Maybe a thread containing all tech info, or links to the threads that have tech info. I'd be happy to help in any way I can.
    8. Stock Doc
      Stock Doc
      Try a local leather shop and get Fiebings Dark brown leather dye. If you need more color pick up some Cordovan for deep blood red or black but both will darken allot. With the dark brown you can layer it and it will come out a military reddish color. Hope this help.
    9. sawnoffshotgun
      Can you give me some advice with a gun stock. I have been trying to refinish a mossberg 500 but none of the woodstainer I use gets a dark enough color to where it would look like a gun stock. Do you know if there is a certain type of finisher that can get it any darker?
      thanks JG
    10. henselen
      hi there, I need to have you fit up a new 1903-a3 C stock for me. Can you do this? mail me if you can, thanks, duggaboy mail at [email protected]
    11. Stock Doc
      Stock Doc
      I know, shame there are sick people like this out there. Their on our pages here but know that this type of behavior is not allowed here. Rick B
    12. ltcboy
      Things are out of hand again on Jouster.

    13. Nitronb
      Hello, I am a new member and posted in the czech guns section and I do not see my post?? Can you help me?
    14. SFC Paul
      SFC Paul
      I may be new to this forum but I assure you I know a great deal about the Mosin Nagant.Mine comes from the Jungles of Vietnam I have but one The M95 Carbine but I have fired it quite often
    15. Svashtar
      Thanks for the info. I was going to say YES, that it still seemed to be there, but checked and it's all good now! Makes sense for new guys I guess; I think there's some kind of grace period while the mod figures out if you're a spammer or something.

      Sorry for the alert and no sweat now. I just wanted to respond to all the guys who chimed in on my original post with questions.



      PS. and sorry for the dupe post. Not sure how this PM system works so posting 2X!
    16. impactco
      Seems to be OK now. Thanks.
    17. Svashtar
      Hi! Can you tell me why follow up posts to the one thread I started yesterday are not appearing, and I got a "needs review" message? responses to threads started by others are showing up right away.

      Thanks for any info.

    18. impactco
      Curious to know why my responses to a thread that I created are being blocked in the Mosin forum? Thanks very much.
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    Sep 18, 1964 (Age: 56)
    Hinckley, Ohio
    Instument Technician II Cathodic Protection.
    6'3" 210lb

    Hunting, Collecting Military stuff and of course Refinsihing wood. President of Cleveland Fieros.


    If I cant fix it,, It must REALLY be broken!