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Apr 5, 2009
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mountain home , ar
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    1. RedneckCatholic
      Just sayin' hi!
    2. TheJoker
      A sad story indeed.

      My baby beast is safe and sound. I never let him out without a leash. He has escaped through an open door a time or two; but, he usually get bored of the 'chase me dad' game after a couple of minutes and lets me catch him.
    3. JetGirl
      I did. It was CuhhhRAZY busy!! People coming in buying 3 or 4 guns at guy bought 20 bricks (1k) primers, the phone never stopped ringing (even in my hand as soon as I hung up one call it would ring again)... It was just swamped.
    4. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Thanks for the note ya sent...I was busy working with my little brother and also a little disgusted with many things around here..
      It is good to be back......

    5. Christine
      Thank you. I didn't think anyone noticed. :)
    6. nathangdad
      You have excellent points and I do respect your views. Like Gary Johnson I am a former Republican who has moved on to Libertarianism after being repulsed by Bush2. Obama will go on a liberal binge if he gets another four years. It will make Clinton look conservative. Our nation needs to take care of itself.

      Best wishes.
    7. nathangdad
      I am no fan of Romney but he is better than Obama. Personally, I am a libertarian who will vote for Gary Johnson.
    8. nathangdad
      Thanks for the two likes. Obama is clearly more interested in the financial well being of illegals than in the financial well being of American college graduates. I feel this is an act of treason.
    9. thrillbilly
      I replied and sent him a message, thats right in my homeground, where I grew up.
    10. JetGirl
      Not yet. I don't have a dedicated reloading space, so every time I intend to do anything that requires dies, I have to drag in my WorkMate bench, bolt my table top to it, bolt my press and powder measure to it, get all my junk & components out of a storage trunk... then when I'm done (since I can't leave it up), I have to tear it all down and stow it all away. A large chunk of my "reloading time" is set up and tear down. (I WISH I had something permanent like lots of folks do...but alas, no dice.) Anyhow...have not done yet.
    11. BunnyWabbit
      I agree. We also sell Pelican and Hardigg cases with custom foam. I just posted a thread in Powder Keg and put a pic of one I had made for some ad pics and I'm buying it after I'm done.
    12. BunnyWabbit
      You can buy from anyone, don't have to buy from mine. I just squeeze a dollar to death and I know we are pretty cheap on them. Plus, you know me now and any issues you can get me involved. lol. I'm the marketing person and I take most of the pictures of the products for the site and most of our competitors have stolen them.
    13. BunnyWabbit
      I work for Also sell Pelicans at We watch the Internet and pretty much stay the lowest price.
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    mountain home , ar
    truck driver
    hunting , fishing. You never know where I will be.