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Apr 6, 2018
    1. DogRomeo
      Hey, how you doin'? I have been reading up on the 10mm & came across your post which struck me as quite powerful in the way you seem to truly dislike the 40cal & love the 10mm. I'm currently researching what caliber to get when I purchase a witness elite match (if I can find 1) & some people are really impressed with the 10mm. If you were in my shoes & had the option of buying 1 primarily for HD (after you break it in), would you do so or is the ammo too expensive? Is 45 a more user-friendly option for those of us looking to hit the range once a month, or would you say that it's not all that much of a difference? Thank you for your thoughts, expertise & advise.
      1. sunwheel29
        Just found your post- sorry it took so long. To be honest as much as I prefer the 10mm if it were me, I would purchase a .40 caliber pistol due to the ease of obtaining ammo and lower cost of it. One geI actually thought about was obtaining a Witness 10 mm pistol or Sig Saur and getting a .40 caliber barrel fitted for it too to convert for training at the range .
        Apr 5, 2017
    2. deputy125
      appreciate your extensive response on the eaa bounty hunter and the various incarnations of it.........
      as far as our police academy, it was not a cocked and locked issue that prevented the witness as a service pistol as 1911's were allowed.
    3. dek5.56
      You are welcome. I have several TOPS knives and love the way they are made and feel in your hand. They are pricey but if you only have to buy one knife its better to buy a good one. If you go onto you tube and type in Tom Brown Tracker Knife you should be able to find some videos showing some of its additional uses. Some videos good some bad but its extra information.
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