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    1. rando
      Tacav so when does the new law go into effect? The background check for long guns
      1. TACAV
        Oct. 1st is when all new laws in MD go into effect. The new law as I know it covers all long guns permanently transferred between two strangers need to go through an FFL. Although after reading it I dont think it needs the wait period like with handguns and HQL. family member to family member transfers and temporarly loans are exempt.
        Mar 30, 2020
    2. SUBMOA
      In the thread firearm design. You said you wanted to see what some of the old guys could do with new equipment. You should read great shots chapter in the book sniper training,teqniques and weapons by peter brooksmithe. A story set in the civil war about snipers with polygonal grooved whitworth rifles shooting and killing at over a mile.I believe it was 2800 yds estimated.I'm remembering so I could be off!
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    3. TACAV
      Coffee and Work
    4. kopterdoctor
      Sorry to steel your post but that one hit me hard.
      Our Vets need all they can get. crap I gave up an airplane seat to a guy.
      It's my money
    5. TACAV
      Lol Griz i know, no worries! and if I moved to Alaska I would have a whole lot less paper work ;)
    6. grizcty
      Continued: Too long to post as one comment.
      Especially Criminal Law, relating to our Second Amendment rights. Maryland has very restrictive gun laws, compared to Alaska. When out of state LEO's hire on, from firearm restrictive states. At first it is a major challenge for them, to adjust to our legal system.
    7. grizcty
      Whoa Buddy,
      This was NOT meant to be offensive. Nor was it meant to be a slight about you, or your personal political views.It was meant to be Second Amendment humorous.
      As you already know, each state has it's own State Codes. Alaska Statues Code is far different, than Maryland's.
    8. Rugerredbone
      So today is day 50 for me without a "not-disproved" call from my FFL. Been hearing that 8 weeks is the new normal. You think we will ever get back to normal here?
    9. cabinnut
      TACAV, As I recall from a long thread about CCW a year ago, one on the proper way to handle a stop when you're carrying, you were a LEO in MD. Once I get my SC CCW the only travel problem I can see between my home in NE PA and our condo in Myrtle Beach is the 15 miles of I-81 in MD, since WV, VA and NC honor my PA carry permit. What's the law and the practical reality of my traveling through MD, no stops, no speeding, with a handgun in the car? Does it help if I secure it in the rear of the vehicle, locked and ammo separate? Thanks for any info you can give me - off the record, of course. Sam
    10. Jay
      I appreciate it.. our local LEO's both live within a block of me, and we talk and shoot quite often, and I never heard the term Reasonable Suspicion. I know... hick cops... :rolleyes: Tomorrow, I'll slay 'em with my knowledge... :D ... :usa2:
    11. ALR
      Hey TACAV, thanks for your input on the crimson carry.
    12. grizcty
      Hey TACAV,

      Just wanted to say THANKS, for speaking out
      On the "Smoke some herb thread"!!

      Take care, be safe.
      God Bless.
      Chris - Alaska
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