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Oct 6, 2020
Jun 18, 2009
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Oct 6, 2020
    1. HickFrosty
      Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I havnt been on much lately. The mount is from Jmeck. He is a member here. He runs a mom and pop type shop. His website is Home Page I love it. You will need to get a bent bolt for it though. the standard bolt wont work. For that i suggest Max Shepherd. http://www.maxshepherdboltproducts.com/ His work is amazing. A true thing of beauty.

      Again sorry for the delay,
      Good luck with the project.

    2. Da Mc
      Da Mc
      Just bought a 10-22 Target model yesterday for Christmas. Pick it up and going to shoot it on the 30th.
    3. Kentucky Fan
      Kentucky Fan
      Shew it sucks man. Duke should have an easy shot for the title.
    4. Da Mc
      Da Mc
      Good going! Congrats! I know what you mean about dragging it out of a creek bottom up a hill. The second deer my stepson shot we had the same experience with. It took us an hour to get him up the hill and another 3 hrs. to drag him a mile up and down canyons and across meadows just to get it back to camp. By the time we got it back to camp I was one solid cramp from the back of my neck down to my toes and couldn't even move for 2 hrs. Even though I haven't gotten my first deer yet if I see one down in a canyon I won't shoot at it for that reason. We usually hunt the higher ground that way the carry is downhill. If it was an 8 pointer like yours I would reconsider though. I'm sure that venison is gonna taste extra good for your effort. Glad to hear a success story!
    5. ArkansasHunter
      Congrats !!! On your 8pt. !!! I shot the first deer to come along LOL...I had some important things to do today, so I could'nt stay in the woods long.
      I hunted in a tent blind and I have nothing but praise fot them.
      What I found when I stuck my rifle out of the window to shoot my buck, the report (muzzel blast) With the barrel outside of the blind, it was'nt ear drum bursting at all !!!
      No more tree or lean to stands for me.

      Thank you tack for the PM and let me know if you get another one.
      See you later... Mike
    6. LiveToShoot
      Wow! That 300WM rifle and Redfield scope combo seem to be working well for you...congratulations.
    7. LiveToShoot
      Per your VM on my G&G member's home page...

      Yes, I have rifles in mind often, and the 300WM is a dandy, in standard and/or WSM/RSAUM configurations,...

      ...and, a recommendation and/or use would be based on what our need and purpose in using a particular rifle would be.
    8. Da Mc
      Da Mc
      Yeah, at least we get to enjoy the outdoors and comraderie.
    9. G3MINI
      Thanks, Terrible year so far and it not over yet but there's always next season if it stays the same :|
    10. Da Mc
      Da Mc
      You can see it on my Avatar. I used it to shoot the pig in the picture. Shot it offhand at 20 yds. right behind the ear. With the 8 3/8" bbl. it's plenty accurate.
    11. tippmann7
      tt is the likely suspect lol, chris is working on getting it back up
    12. Da Mc
      Da Mc
      Hey Tack Driver. Long time no hear. How's the hunting?
    13. Ten Man
      Ten Man
      I have not taken the AR 10 hunting. I usually take my Savage Scout (.308), Ruger 77/44 (.44 Mag.) or my Marlin 1895 XLR (45-70). Depends on what I'm hunting. We don't seem to have a regular season for the critters my AR 10 is set up for. LOL
    14. ArkansasHunter
      Will do !!!!!! Hear my wheels burning ?
    15. LiveToShoot
      Redfield makes excellent scopes...

      ...my second choice after a Leupold.
    16. big shrek
      big shrek
      Dunno if the CP would handle it...to be honest, when I get my Marlin XL-7 in .30-06, I'm considering a Shepherd Scope for it.
    17. p5200
      Hi Tack Driver, I saw it here a few days ago. AR15 Handguns Shooting Accessories
    18. Da Mc
      Da Mc
      How do you like it? Mine shoots consistently with 140gr.jacketed soft points Winchester Super X. Can't wait to go deer hunting.
    19. shesakiller
      Thank you, I'm sure I will. I'm exploring this site because I will be elk hunting for the first time and I'm getting ready for the experience. I was originally going to borrow someone's rifle, but the stock was too long for me. So now, I'm looking into my options of buying my own rifle so that it will fit me correctly, etc. It is my hope to keep my expenses to a minimum in the process. I know... good luck, right?
    20. ArkansasHunter
      Hey tack thanks for the PM, nice to hear from you. Yep we pretty good folks LOL
      Come visit Arkansas some time you want, want to leave...Mike
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