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Aug 19, 2013
    1. larmus
      so how did the story turn out have not seen it up in a long time?
    2. larmus
      this turning out awesome patriot, i like this type of writing were everyone can contribute makes for an interesting story line... good thinking!
    3. LarryO1970
      Happy Veteran's Day The_Patriot ...
    4. White Rook
      White Rook
      I read your post on being Pro-life and about supporting the Death Penalty. The Thread was locked by the time I read it, so I couldn't reply to your posts. I could not have said it better myself. I only did 6 years in the USAF but I do understand when you said you have to be in the military to truly understand the Oath we took when we joined. I thank you for your service to our Country.. We may not see eye to eye on Ohio State and Michigan :) but it seems we do love our Flag and we both support our Military. My oldest daughter is stationed at Wright Patt right now. I am really proud of her. "Give me 341"
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    There's a time to think and a time to act, this gentlemen, is no time to think. -Sheriff Bud Boomer