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Jan 5, 2015
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Apr 18, 1971 (Age: 49)
canberra australia
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G&G Evangelist, Male, 49, from canberra australia

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Jan 5, 2015
    1. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Good deal..Glad to hear that you are fishing. Our season started a few weeks ago. We like the trout mostly but we haven't yet
      purchased our License. The weather has been better though been on three motorcycle rides this month and tacked up another 1,000 miles or so.....Maybe a few more weeks and we will getting the lines wet again..
      Take Care and give the kids a hug from Ole Uncle Earl..
    2. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Hey you been ok?....... I haven't heard from you in a while.
      Hope all is well and everyone is doing fine....
    3. Dressround
      I am fine 100% just taking it easy.Give it a couple more weeks and I will be back to shooting again, no 50cal though.The pacemaker support group visited me to see if I was OK and to answer any questions... I did ask a Personal question, does your
      pacemaker go faster when you have sex?? She retreated saying I don't know a couple of times,Hahaha. Cheers Bob.
    4. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Good to hear PawPee is ok.
      I did call the young fella up and canceled the shoot. It was 6˚ that day. Now we are going to get another storm that is going to lay 12 inches of snow before Monday ends...LOL it never seems to wanna quit....
      Hey.... sounds good your getting a new job and probably better pay..Notice how all the bosses
      get sad when ya leave but never want to pay ya what we deserve,That never ends also....

      I wish you well..
      I got a call tonight from a bud of mine that can't go to a gun bash so he gave me his ticket. I can eat a good bit of food there but if he wins he gets the gun...I'll just play the strip tickets and hope to win something there...

      I don't know if you read the post, but last week
      I won a Remington 1911 R1 45cal. on strip tickets, so I hope to maybe win again,,,ya can't have enough guns even if you can't shoot them all at once..LOL

      I'll talk to ya later TimMan....
    5. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Hey fella how is your PawPee?..Ok I hope.
      Did they catch the drunkin Bum yet?....

      I have been invited to go shoot the AR-15 and a few other guns. I already told the farmer fellas I was coming Thursday but I don't feel like squeezin the triggers in 25˚ weather..
      I have to call them and cancel,maybe in a few more weeks the weather will break around 40
      maybe 45 but this is way to cold for me...

      It snowed another inch here this morning,but most of the old stuff is practically gone.
      I got to see the grass yesterday...LOL Imagine that...

      You take Care fella and I'll talk to ya later...
    6. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Hey There was some big fish in there also some were dolfins that wanted no parts of me and some other things I wasnt to sure of...
      That was going to be the last time I did that but when we went to Florida last year I swam out way far and then back a few times. On the news that night 34 people were stung with the
      jelly fish at Saint Marie Island right where i was swimming..LOL.rotfl....I heard it burns worse than a frozen pecker passing a pee stream.

      You Have a good weekend mate and i'll talk to ya soon..


      Hey next time I will PM you this wider stuff here don't let ya talk very much before it spanks ya for using to many characters????
    7. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Sounds like ya'lls had a great time at the beach. Gave me a laugh to hear the folks swimming in the rip tide..I hit that spot once in the Atlantic down around Ocean City, Maryland
      took me out so far they said I looked like an ant...I just turned into it and swam with it and it was fun..The only thing is was I had the scuba flippers on...Took me still about 36 blocks up the beach and I had ta walk back after I hit the shore... I had already told the lifeguards not to worry I have flippers. But when I turned around after the sea ride I could barely make them out and they looked to be wavin those flags a good bit..LOLrotfl....
    8. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Hey you big Viking How ya been?
      I had to Eat a horse and chase the rider this mornin, so I got up at 3 am and made the eggs bacon,toast and coffee. I musta been havin dreams about that breakfast...

      Good Lord Ned Kelley would have been proud
      of all that stuff I Ettt..LOLrotfl.....Now I can fiddle fart around the rest of the day till the country fix it man calls me with my car...
      Man I hope it is done, it had a bad Exhaust
      Valve and my garage is way to cold to have fixed that one,plus I aint that good with
      putting things back the same way. I always have extra parts...

      Well I suspect your on your weekend break
      and hope you enjoy the kids and wife..

      Be good Tim man cause I sure aint, I think I got a case of the **** and Vinegers or maybe just cabin fever stroke....

      Talk to ya again...
    9. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Yeahh the second toes has the big toe by a good half inch...LOLrotfl.....
      As far as Viking Blood I don't know, sometimes and really most of the time back in the day all I wanted to do was bust up on the smart azzes..LOLrotfl...And I did, with out any of them gittin in a lick..LOL...

      Hey I just got back from hunting the chuckers and about to post a few pictures and a short story in the powder keg....It was 0˚ and the wind chill factor was around -15 below that..
      I was out around 11 hours so the bo bo is still cold...LOLrotfl.....

      I'll send ya sompin later in a letter...

    10. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Tim, Im Scotch Irish from my late fathers side.
      His dad and mom were Scotch Irish my grandparents. I don't remember them as I was way to small at the time when they both passed. I have seen many pictures of them....tuff as a box of nails the both of them. I remember my dad telling me stories of them as I was the one always asking...

      Sounds like your going to have a good time camping and the tent smell....LLrotfl....That stuff your smelling is the best water proofing agent in the world....But it does get over bearing after smelling it a spell,almost makes ya dizzy!.......

      Good luck fishing Mate and I want to remind you of something..
      Remember way back in the day you posted pictures, a good bit of your buddies and you
      I enjoyed them always but now with your kids
      there is not a better set of mates to spend your time with right...LOLrotfl....They will bring those stories up for the rest of their lives...

      Your Friend Earl......
    11. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Hey Timman ....

      I just wanted to stop in and tell you thanks for visiting Mike West page...
      I honestly have a few leaks a commin from my one eye. That was real special for you to do that and I'll tell ya mate you were always close to the top of my list but now,your right at the very top..As you probably read I visit there a lot and I told a few fellas on this site if they ever get rid of Mikey's page...ever I will be gone also...

      You made my day Tim you must be a hell of a man!......Now go play with those kids of yours while I look for my dam hankie.......

    12. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Just got back from the get together and yes everyone gets along...The wife's dad is bible thumper but that's ok,everything involves a saying. Something like this, It's in Gods Hands,
      It's God's plan, God willing, and his famous is God Handles The Details.....
      Just a little overboard for me as I am a little more private is all Im saying.....

      That's funny, the dog slept in amongst the sand box and toys....LOL.. Hey they know where it's cooler...Iffin ya had some water around in a puddle you probably would have found him in there...I know mine likes the puddles when it is hot,but the pool... well he is a chicken and won't swim and he even has the web feet.
      He is a Mastiff Lab mix...They call the breed a Mastador. 125 pounds of soft heart and no brains except when ya have some eats in your presence,then he is like Einstein and will understand the English.....

      Have a good day Mate and take Care!
    13. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      I think something is wrong with the messages I get so that is why I'm late getting back to you.
      Probably this old computer...

      I'll give the two hens to my wife's mother and dad tonight, all of us go into the mountains up around Ligonier, PA for a Christmas Get Together...She has 8 brothers and sister in all
      so i'll try and be on best behavior..LOLrotfl....

      A few belts of moonshine and grub I'll be happy,Happy,Happy......
      Hey send a little of the heated weather this way bro, I is cold...LOL

      Talk to ya later......
    14. FortyXDM
      Merry Christmas from up top....Ha. Good to have you on the site !
    15. Seabeescotty
      Thank YOU, and do have a Merry Christmas! I never got to visit, because of BS our black service members were pulling, so maybe some day in the future! My son got to visit four or five times, while with the Fleet Marines, and HE said it was a great time! So I'll keep hoping for it to happen some fine day!
    16. thrillbilly
      Slugs are fun in it, better then the 3'' #4s...those are honestly a lil punishing albeit shootable. lol thanks, its not pretty but I like it in a brutal, ugly way :)
    17. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Hey Mate,ya know when you were gone I wrote you a long letter,a funny one at that.
      But it never made the air across the pond.
      I found your e-mail address but I suspected
      it was changed....

      I lost my good friend here ArkansasHunter a few years back and have not been in as much as I would like.

      It truly is good to see you back big fella and don't you go and leave again..LOLrotfl...
      I checked you on as a friend and plan ta keep your big backside here.
      We can talk iffin ya feel more at home in Private Messages also...

      Take Care Buddy and I'll be talking to you again.

      Your Old New Friend.
    18. Earl Easter
      Earl Easter
      Hey I just wanted to stop in and
      Welcome you Back....Good to see you again.

    19. CountryBoy
      Well Sir, I tried previewing twice and still no work. I guess I will just have to live with it as it is.
    20. CountryBoy
      I haven't actually tried it yet. The day I made the test post I did 1 preview and it didn't work. It is really odd sometimes one way seems to work and the next it don't. But then again I don't post videos frequently enough to remember what I did that did work...lol I will try the two previews and let you know.
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    canberra australia
    man of many jobs
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