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    1. pmeyer03
      Hey, I saw your post about a Savage Model 220A that you were looking to sell/trade. I have one of the same shotguns and am trying to move it from Canada to US under the Relics & Curios exemption. You stated that these were made from 1938-1966...where did you get your info? Any idea how to pin down the age of one of these shotguns more precisely? Thanks for your help.
    2. thrillbilly
      Holy Crap...your page is a mardi gras!

      I think I just melted my retinas...
    3. LiveToShoot
      We, when I need some graphics done...

      ...I'll get in touch with you.
    4. LiveToShoot

      ...the most exotic User CP page I've seen at G&G Forums.


    5. BunnyWabbit
      Wow, got it loaded. I have been doing this for so long, I don't mess with the details as much as I should. Thank you.
    6. BunnyWabbit
      It sure works. Good luck with that. You have a good start. I am heading to bed, been up since 4:30am.
    7. BunnyWabbit
      I hit up restaurants with crappy menus and places like that and offer to redo their stuff. You'd be surprised that there are a lot of people that need the work and don't know where to go to find it. Craigslist is another place you could put a notice.
    8. BunnyWabbit
      BTW - there are also several graphic design sites for jobs where you can submit artwork and be chosen to do jobs. Sologig is one. I found one, but I don't remember the site, where someone was looking for a logo for a bottle of BBQ sauce. I think I came in second, and it only paid $100 if you got it. But I designed a couple so they could see what I could do, but I didn't get paid for doing it. On logo designs, usually the going rate is around $250-$300. But you have to come up with 5 different choices, then provide letterhead, business cards and envelope designs. Some of the logo design places online are looking for freelance designers.
    9. BunnyWabbit
      When I worked for the insurance brokerage, basically there were 1,000s of independent ins agents that reported to us. It was a service the company decided to offer since I liked doing it. I had done a few beforehand, but never to that extent. I may have a Photoshop CD I could mail you, but you couldn't register it, but would get you started on learning it. Word of mouth is a big thing. Soon, you will find that you start having to turn people down. If you look in the Other Forums section under Gunsmithing, you will see a thread with stuff I do as a hobby, that is what I'd rather be doing, but there's no money in it.
    10. BunnyWabbit
      My favorite thing to do is logos. I think I have about 300 of them around the US now. I don't know if you get GraphicDesignUSA magazine, but every year they have a contest and one year I entered a logo and it got published. I did it for a guy in Arizona. I love Corel, but it won't let you do near the photo work that Photoshop does.
    11. BunnyWabbit
      BTW, my mother was afraid I'd never move out and be a hippie on the beach painting pictures. I guess I had to figure out a way to make money and still be able to draw.
    12. BunnyWabbit
      I am the only marketing person at my work, they are tightwads. I work for a manufacturer now, but previously worked for an insurance brokerage. When I left there I have a couple agents keep in touch when they need work. I use Photoshop, Corel, Illustrator, InDesign and PageMaker. I learned on Corel and still haven't figured out the knack of drawing with Illustrator, but the new Corel lets me save as an Illustrator file. The boss just got a huge vinyl label printer and it seems to only like Corel and errors on everything else. What do you do? And thanks for the offer.
    13. BunnyWabbit
      Most of my design work is for print. I'm kind of learning as I go when it comes to Internet graphics. The most I do at work for the website is take pictures of products and a few icons and such.
    14. BunnyWabbit
      Thank you very much. I loaded it. I spend my evenings alternating between this forum and freelance that I do. I am on dial up here in the boonies and have gotten in the habit of just slapping stuff up because that's about all the time I have. Well that, and I have a 100 lb lab that thinks he needs to sit in my lap when I am on the computer.
    15. BunnyWabbit
      Go to www.google.com, click on images, then type Jessica Rabbit in the search box. Look for one with the highest pixels. The ones with the guns show up in the first couple pages. Most of them have a white background. Are you wanting to print it or put it on the web?
    16. oneshot25
      Your message box is full, so i can't reply
    17. dills
      do you have a ak47?
    18. dills
      sup... like the pacth.... 10th mountain huh... what company are you in? you in or have already been to iraq?
    19. ArkansasHunter
      LOL !!!!!!!!!!! I ain't that way !!! LMAO !!! What was that movie ? Deliverence ? Hey I hear banjo's !!!!!! LOL
      Thanks Mike
    20. LetsGo_Sabres
      Eh the idea of incendiary rounds just looked like sweet toys I was checking out. Not legal to ship to me anyways. What do you think about this stuff here?

      Ammunition To Go : 880rds - 7.62x54R Original Russian Military Ammo - $199.95
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