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Jul 6, 2011
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currently "Sunny West Africa"
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G&G Newbie, from currently "Sunny West Africa"

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Jul 6, 2011
    1. wunhunglo
      Hi Jimkim,

      Been very busy and the company's updated computer system will not allow access to anything gun or weapon related.
      Got a way round it now so things back to normal.

      Aberlour 12 year old sounds just about right.
      I'm offshore (ivory Coast) for the next two weeks so no alcohol for me; I've got a bottle of Aberlour at home so next time I have a dram, I'll toast you with it.

      Best wishes to y'all, y'all.
    2. jimkim
      Where have been cuz? Long time no see. I'd invite you over to sample some of this smokey/peaty single malt, I bought the other day. Truth is, I could use some help killing it off. I think I like Balvenie or Talisker better. I decided to try the Dalwhinnie because of a really good review. Any advice on what to try next. I'm thinking about trying the Arboulour 12yr old double cask, while I'm waiting for the local stuff to age the required six months. I do wish you well, and am so very glad to see you are still with us. Jim
    3. wunhunglo
      I'm doing good so far, better than can be said about the two Presidents about 40 miles away from me. They can't decide who really won the election (Ivory Coast) but it is Africa!!!
      The company's firewall thingy whatever you call it doesn't like Guns & weapons, so I have to get in by a slower roundabout method.

      Wish you guys all the best for 2011.
    4. Chris
      Hope you are doing well in 2011 so far!
    5. can but try
      can but try
      good evening from france,it's been a very long time since I have seen the logo from arberfield;ruines everything mechanically eventually,cheers from france"when in doubt hit it!"
    6. wunhunglo
      GO ahead I'll do my best but Alan d'Enfied is more clued up than me.
    7. can but try
      can but try
      hello,I am sorry to bother you,you and a yollygreenslug from aus.,seem to be the best experts to help me for my new/old gift, a lee enfield,PLEASE ,my I ask you lots of questions about this rifle?thakyou in advace,graham drake
    8. wunhunglo
    9. wunhunglo
      Good morning, technically Chargers are used to re-charge the magazine in the rifle.
      Clips are an integral operating component and stay in the rifle and are normally ejected when the last round fires a la M1.
      (Don't believe all you read in Wikipedia, cos anyone can publish crap there!)

      Have a safe day!
    10. FS00008
      Hey Wun, I noticed your post in the "Enfield Noob" thread. Why are the "Clips" called "Chargers"?
    11. wunhunglo
      Absolutely; 60% HIV, 40% TB, sometimes it's hard to find one who coughs!
      Playing Russian Roulette with a loaded & cocked 1911!
      I like to think I'm one of the sensible ones and I reckon fun's fun but to hell with nonsense! I keep away from them; tell them right from the get-go I'm not interested in their company overnight. A laugh & a joke in a bar is OK but that's as far as it goes. But there are always some people who cannot control themselves. Eg. 18-60 year old (drunk) men, 18(?) year old tarts, "you very handsome man, I love you etc.etc.!"
      I reckon the whole world is watching & waiting for what happens next week but I can't see any changes happening very quickly if at all. But I would make sure that I support the NRA and any other vocal pro-gun groups, if I were you.

      Anyway, have a nice day, life is too short for worrying! Take it easy but take it!
    12. FS00008
      If y'all were in Africa, I certainly hope he's being careful. Land of HIV correct?

      I've been alright. Collecting as many of these firearms as I can prior to 01 January if you know what I mean. I'm very concerned as to the course our country is taking. As to my family, they are not worried as I am about the state of further collecting so they are sticking with what they have currently, hopefully they are correct in the future!

      Stay safe out there!
    13. wunhunglo
      Fine, been home on leave but came back out last Tuesday. Wednesday was a bit of a non starter ços my two bosses (Immediate & next one up), were in country and a group of 9 of us went out for an evening meal which eventually spilled over into a run round some of the Girlie bush bars until about 03:00 by which time I'd been up & travelling for about 24 hrs. I was well & truly bushed and was woken in my hotel room at 07:00 by my driver taking me to the heliport. Never heard from my boss for about two days, still haven't heard from his boss, don't even remember him leaving the bar, must have snuck out (probably with "company")! Hope my appraisal goes well!!

      Hope you and yours are keeping well?

      Best regards,WHL
    14. FS00008
      Hey Wun, how have you been lately?
    15. BunnyWabbit
      Years ago, my uncle used to be a supervisor at a Firestone Rubber plantation in Liberia, West Africa.
    16. jimkim
      Maybe the time will pass quickly. Take care of yourself.
    17. wunhunglo
      Been home & very busy, now back at work for another 28 fun filled African days!
    18. jimkim
      It is good to see you again cuz. How have you been.
    19. wunhunglo
      See my post in General rifle UK laws Facts for what we're allowed in the UK. No semi-autos but straight pulls OK.
    20. FS00008
      Wait... get what? This is your Public Message board Wun lol.
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    currently "Sunny West Africa"
    Oil field trash (Top Dog)
    British by Birth, Scottish by the grace of God. Ex British Army SNCO, ex UK Merchant Navy, ex heavy hammer mechanic, ex a few other jobs. Any job is better than no job.

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